Tips On Buying The Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

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A professional and airless paint gun will deliver the best possible finish if optimally utilized for a project.

From a superior design to equally outstanding performance, there are several available options and among them picking the best professional airless paint sprayer will be the most effective for you.

To select an airless sprayer for your specific project, you can either choose from a variety of available choices of airless paint sprayers based on your project requirements.

Titan 1900 PRO


Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer, HEA technology decreases overspray by up to 55% while delivering softer spray, improving control and providing a more-consistent finish

  • Allows spraying unthinned paint
  • Superior design
  • Enhanced portability
  • Highly efficient in its application
Graco 262805 X7

Budget Friendly

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer, Gray

  • Different spray pattern
  • Adjustable pressure and interchangeable spray tips
  • High pressure
  • Has very long hose length
Wagner control pro

Editors Pick

Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130 Power Tank Paint Sprayer, High Efficiency Airless with Low Overspray

  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful performance
  • Enhanced portability
  • Large project application

What is an airless paint sprayer?

The airless paint sprayer is a great way to get your painting done quickly and with little waste, all while maintaining that professional look you’re going for in no time at all.

Airless paint sprayers are great for small projects, especially when you need specific colors that don’t work well with other tools.

These types of professional guns can also be used in tight spaces where open-air applications would not fit or because they have better control over their output volume by using them on an electric machine rather than gas-powered ones.


Airless Sprayer Vs. Hvlp Sprayers: Which Is Best for Painting job?

Airless paint sprayers operate a lot like your everyday shower head. They atomize material and strain them out under extremely high pressures for a smooth and consistent finish.

Hvlp paint sprayers, on the other hand, utilize high volume low-pressure technology to atomize material and deliver this material smoothly and consistently.

HVLP paint sprayers tend to have the upper hand due to their relatively lower pressure application while delivering material in proportionately high volumes, allowing more material to stick to the surface.

The best paint sprayer would however be determined by the type of project being undertaken.


7 of the Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayers Available:

1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer, Gray

The Graco Magnum 262805 x7 is undoubtedly designed for effective and high-delivery performance.

From the always reliable start to the models’ compatibility with a wide variety of materials and its enhanced portability for relatively easy maneuverability functioning.

This commercial paint sprayer from Graco promises to effectively deliver quality professional standard coatings in the shortest time possible.

Graco magnum 262805 x7 cart airless paint sprayer can deliver a professional finish due to its superior design and its understandable operational functioning. Commercial airless paint sprayer feature a robust stainless steel piston pump that gives the paint sprayer the ability to spray even unthinned material.

The paint flow control and the RAC IV switch tip integration means that not only will the paint sprayer allow for optimal material discharge manipulation.

The professional paint sprayer will also allow for continuous material application as the reverse tip feature of the professional paint sprayers provides for unclogging of potentially blocked nozzles.

There are many reasons why the Graco paint sprayer magnum 262805 x7 is considered one of the best around because of its practical and convenient application in a project.

The portability-enhancing design of this Graco professional paint sprayer is cart designed to let users conveniently move around during projects, and its compatible support of up to 100ft of paint hose allows for optimal operational maneuverability as well as maximum project coverage within a concise time.

It is an ideal model for multi-story buildings and can spray thinned paint and unthinned paint flow directly from a 1-5 gallon bucket.

Thanks to its incorporated flexible suction tube that makes this airless gun is different from other thicker paint sprayers.

With features such as the RAC IV switch tip, which allows for efficient continuous paint spraying thanks to its convenient spray tip unclogging design, a power flush adapter that allows for quick, easy, and effective cleaning of the airless gun after use.

The adjustable controls including the material flow adjustable control that lets users accurately manipulate proportionate material quantity for an ultimate finish from these best commercial paint sprayers.



  • Adjustable settings for optimal application
  • Enhanced portability and maneuverability
  • Optimal continuous application
  • Relatively easy to use and clean
  • High capacity material use
  • Unthinned material compatibility
  • 100ft compressed air hose compatibility
  • Ergonomic design


  • Unreliable operational functioning

The main advantage of using Graco airless paint sprayers would be their application for proportionately large painting projects as they are designed for large coverage applications using diverse spray patterns.

Graco Airless paint sprayers are also optimal in their application of coatings in a consistent and evenly manner without worrying about any paint bucket.



There are several ways to choose the Graco professional airless paint sprayers that is right for you.

These factors help you choose an ideal cart airless sprayer to facilitate your DIY project and help you achieve the desired finish. Before getting the best airless paint sprayer, you should consider;

  • Your budget
  • Project nature
  • Safety features
  • Operational functioning including tips included

2. Graco Magnum 262800 X5

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, Blue

The Graco Magnum X5 professional airless paint sprayers come with a notable physical difference from its sprayer compatriot, the X7.

Unlike the X7, which comes with wheels to complete its cart design, this model comes with a stand design for some significantly boosted structural stability during application.

Designed to be adequate for both indoor and outdoor application, this cart airless paint sprayer model can attach to up to 75fft of portability enhancing paint hose for optimal surface reach during painting projects using diverse spray pattern.

It comes with a wide array of impressive features that are meant to enhance your experience during your DIY project.

The is optimally facilitated by 110volts of power to enable its various components functionally.

The integration of a stainless steel piston pump, as well as a RAC IV switch tip and a power flush adapter unlike any garden hose adaptor, allow the sprayer to not only spray unthinned material but as well conveniently spray continuously during a painting project.

Cleaning the sprayer fairly easily after use by simply connecting it to a garden hose via the power flash adapter.

The Graco Magnum X5 cart airless paint sprayer has been designed to deliver the ultimate performance during a paint spraying project.

It offers a powerful 110volt performance paint flow coupled up with the effective stainless steel piston pump as well as the flexible suction tube.

This sprayer will deliver any from a wide range of materials, including unthinned paints material, directly from a 1-5gallon paint bucket.

With a convenient handle and a stand design, the Graco Magnum X5 airless paint sprayer enhances maneuverability and allows for timely operational functioning during projects.

This gives the user optimal control over the commercial paint sprayer while it maintains optimal stable operations and paint flow.

As such, if you will get the best possible finish from your airless paint sprayer, this can be an ideal requirement.

This Graco model, like the X7 handheld sprayer, is as well developed with a couple of ideal and appropriate features, including the material adjustable control and pattern control which complement the effective functioning of the sprayer.

With this model, various projects can be accomplished as it allows for functional adjustments to its operation to suit any given project it is utilized for.



  • Enhanced portability
  • Unthinned material compatibility
  • Adjustable settings
  • Convenient and easy cleaning after use
  • Relatively low voltage operational consumption
  • Continuous and direct from bucket spray capability


  • There may be shipping inconveniences to some countries

These powerful machines are perfect for any painting projects. They use high-quality filters that filter out 99% of airborne particles, making them much healthier than traditional methods to breathe in toxic fumes while you’re working on your house with a steady paint flow from the paint buckets through different spray pattern.



The answer depends entirely upon two factors:

1) what type of surface you are working with (i.e.: concrete or drywall)

2) how heavily they want it applied to achieve their desired look/effect! For example, if someone wants smoothly covering every inch, with spray paint unthinned then go ahead and apply as much pressure.

Don’t forget about keeping up frequent re-oiling sessions at least once per week because over time, these will wear down any given product quicker than usual.

3. Wagner Spray TECH 805-000

Wagner Spray TECH 805-000 Titan 440 Skid Frame Corded Piston Pump Paint Sprayer, 7/8 Hp, 0.54 Gpm, 3300 Psi

This Wagner Titan 440 rotary piston pump paint sprayer offers an exemplary performance that is unmatched in the industry as the high-efficiency airless sprayer is designed to fit the status of the professional airless paint sprayer.

This corded piston pump sprayer is predominantly built in die-cast aluminum for optimal longevity.

Its 7/8hp power and the 3300psi fully adjustable pressure delivery ensure effective material atomization for the best possible smooth finish while spraying unthinned paints.

It features a 517 reversible tip that will ensure project-threatening clogs do not derail the quality of the finish delivered. This means the user will enjoy a continuously practical spraying session while the sprayer is in operation.

This Wagner commercial sprayer is surprisingly easy to use once you get familiar with its operational function and allows for the application of a wide variety of materials, including stains, enamels, and lacquers, among other materials.

The Wagner titan corded sprayer has been built for ultimate longevity while it spray unthinned paints.

The airless sprayer delivers the powerful performance a DIY enthusiast would want for their projects while maintaining operational function for as long as it is optimally maintained. The predominantly die-cast aluminum build ensures that you probably won’t need another sprayer for a while.

This model offers a performance level worth professional accolades. This is due to the incorporated piston pump delivering up to 3300psi of pressure to optimize material atomization.

This is topped off with its compatibility with a wide variety of lacqure and latex paint for suitability with any kind of project.



  • Optimal longevity and durable
  • High-level performance
  • Wide variety of material compatibility
  • Multiple operational functioning
  • Conveniently portable
  • Relatively easy to use


  • It needs a bit of in-depth familiarization for optimal use

Using Wagner airless paint spray gun involves a couple of simple-to-master procedural steps. These steps majorly focus on preparation and set-up before application to get you ready for an ultimate DIY painting projects or commercial painting jobs.

Since Wagner airless paint sprayers rely on high pressure for optimal operation, The first step would be to choose an ideal spray tip for softer spray before proceeding to paint thinning.

After optimal paint thinning, you are required to set up your siphon tube and adjustable settings to ensure the airless sprayers are correctly calibrated for optimal functioning.



The sprayer is an efficient way to coat large areas with a uniform finish using softer spray.

It’s perfect for painting jobs where you need precise control over how much paint comes out, like painting walls or ceilings in your home.

4. Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO- Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer, HEA technology decreases overspray by up to 55% while delivering softer spray, improving control and providing a more-consistent finish

The Titan control max 1900 pro is designed for professional-level application. It can be used by contractors for a wide range of projects, from small to proportionately large painting projects.

The complete cart design makes the sprayer conveniently portable and maneuverable. These airless sprayers feature an integrated high-efficiency airless technology that effectively minimizes overspray levels by up to 55%, which translates to a soft and consistent finish.

Titan control max 1900 pro-level paint sprayer is uniquely designed to have a maximum operating pressure of 1600psi, allowing it to spray a considerable amount of up to 500 gallons of water and oil based paint annually.

So how does this airless paint sprayer work? Well, this is complemented by a 0.70 horsepower generating variable speed pump which allows for effective delivery of coatings of even unthinned material.

Along with the professional finish, it is easy to see why it is considered the best to be designed for DIY painting projects purposes.

Like most airless paint sprayers, the Titan control max is equipped with advanced HEA technology, which keeps overspray levels at an optimally minimal level.

This means the resulting finish promises to be much smoother and much more refined, considering high efficiency airless technology reduces overspray by as much as 55% by spray directly.

This particular sprayer is also uniquely designed for an ultimate DIY performance given its unique 1600psi maximum operating pressure allowing for an annual operational capacity of up to 500 gallons annually.

Complete with an all-metal spray gun and up to 100ft compatible allowance, it is easy to see why this is a preferred conventional sprayers model among DIY enthusiasts.

Apart from its unique design highlighting superior performance, this is designed for optimally versatile applications.

And thanks to its wide material compatibility, making it ideal for outdoor projects like fences, garages, and decks, among other surfaces using the airless spray accessory kit that help to spray directly while drawing paint straight.

The incorporated variable speed pump delivers an impressive 0.70horsepower to enable a significant coverage of up to 0.40gallons per minute to spray unthinned paint. This will ensure your time is not wasted on one project alone, rather enabling quick completion of projects.



  • Powerful performance delivery
  • Professional finish
  • Ergonomic design


  • It might not be optimally ideal for unthinned material

The Titan airless paint sprayer comes with an 18-month limited warranty.


If you are going to get a professional airless paint sprayer from an online source, you might want to get it from a trusted source.

Cybercrimes have been on the rise in recent years, considering the fast-growing digital era. It is therefore advisable to get an airless paint sprayer to avoid unnecessary vulnerabilities to the risk posed by cybercriminals.


5. Wagner Spraytech 0518080

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking, Extra Container included

The optimal application of its incorporated high volume low pressure technology to atomize material for the ultimate finish highlights this paint sprayer’s feature.

It comes fully equipped with performance-enhancing features that ensure professional delivery of an efficient level of performance equal to professional level performance.

The Wagner control spray max comes incorporated with a powerful 2-stage turbine that provides sufficient facilitation for optimal spraying of a wide variety of materials, including latex paint as well as polyurethane, among other thinned materials.

Its adjustable controls complete the ergonomic design of this Wagner model and allow for convenient access to the flexible features during a project.

This is highlighted by its versatile, functional design. The Wagner control sprays max hvlp paint sprayer features, including an adjustable pressure control that allows for optimal manipulation of material quantity flow at any given time during a particular project.

This is coupled with the pattern adjustable control that allows for convenient alternations between the three provided spray patterns: round, vertical, and horizontal of this hvlp sprayer.

The Wagner control spray max hvlp paint sprayer weighs in at a convenient 9.8pounds.

It also features a 20ft sufficient paint hose and an 11/2qt paint cup and another 1qt professional standard metal cup that enhances the portable functionality of this particular Wagner model.

The lightweight spray gun fits comfortably in the palm, thereby enhancing the maneuverability of the paint sprayer.



  • Wide variety of material compatibility
  • Enhanced portability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Adjustable settings
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Professional finish
  • Multipurpose application


  • Unreliable lifespan

Professional and non-professional airless paint sprayers have different features.

Non-professionals only come with a small tank, which can hold up to two gallons of fluid; they cannot also adjust pressure settings or change colors on their machine’s screen (although some newer models do offer this feature).

Professional-grade equipment has larger tanks that allow them 10 times as much spraying time before having to refill it – plus, these machines are more likely ableita use multiple color cartridges at once!



Wagner airless paint sprayers use about 40% less paint than other methods. This can be a significant cost saving for contractors and homeowners, as it’s easy to clean up.

6. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun, Power Painting for Home Exterior, Fence, Shed, and Garage 2800 psi, 0.24 gpm

Contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and other paint sprayers users will appreciate what this particular good handheld airless paint sprayer model can achieve.

From its physical design to its robust operational design, the HomeRight power flo pro 2800 has been made for an ultimate spray painting experience.

It is optimally ideal and adaptable for large projects and will complete an entire home’s exterior or garage, among other projects, in an impressively short time.

Its enhanced portable design is highlighted by the carry-handle and conveniently maneuverable 25ft long non-kink hose connecting the sprayer to a directly facilitating 1-5 gallon material container.

With superior features such as incorporating a maximum tip size of 0.15mm and the ½ HP motor delivering up to 2800 psi worth of pressure.

This allows for the best possible finish leaving behind professional coatings on the surfaces utilized.

This sprayer is ideal for practically all your home DIY projects. Owing to its robust build and equally powerful performance, the HomeRight power flo pro 2800 airless paint sprayer offers operational functioning like no other.

The 1/2hp motor is effectively sufficient enough to spray paint an hour entire home’s exterior while delivering the best possible results.

If you want to achieve professional-level results in your DIY projects and if you’re looking for the best DIY project options, then the airless paint sprayer should offer both enhanced maneuverability and flexibility.

Luckily, the HomeRight flo pro 2800 airless paint sprayer comes equipped to suit this purpose optimally.

With a 25ft long hose and a lightweight spray gun, as well as portability enhancing features such as the carry-handle allows this model to be conveniently utilized relatively comfortably and for a wide variety of materials.

HomeRightuick Finish, Finish Max and Super Finish Max Spray Guns


  • Large painting project application
  • Direct bucket spray facilitation
  • Optimally maneuverable and portable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable settings
  • Powerful performance
  • Wide range of material compatibility
  • Professional application and finish


  • Adjustable features not effectively marked

The HomeRight Power Flo Pro has up to 3 horsepower. This will allow you an immense amount of control over your project’s size and shape, as well as the type of finish that is desired for each area being painted.

It can propel 1,500 pounds per minute at pressures up to 150 PSI.


There is no need to use a thinning agent when using the HomeRight paint spray gun.

The pros of not needing it are that you don’t have any messy clean-up afterward because of the delicate spray tips, and there’s less waste in general with these products than other methods because they’re pre-thinned for easy application with just water or solvents – saving money on solvent purchases while using oil based paints.


7. Wagner Control Pro 150

Wagner 0580000 Control Pro 150 Paint Sprayer, High Efficiency Airless Sprayer with Low Overspray

One more Wagner model that’s equally impressive and powerful can compete for the title of the leading airless paint sprayer for the increasing and diversifying demand of DIY users.

It comes equipped with a HEA pump which effectively extends the operational lifespan of this model by allowing for fluid section rebuilding.

The Wagner control pro 150 can spray an annual capacity of 175 gallons while delivering some impressive power of .55hp that facilitates spraying of unthinned material through this larger paint sprayer.

The Wagner control pro 150 is a sleek design that backs up its appealing physical looks with an equally impressive high efficiency airless performance.

Producing a powerful 1500psi while operationally functioning, the incorporated HEA technology is undoubtedly convenient incorporation considering it limits overspray levels by as much as 55%.

Combined with its wide material compatibility with professional paint spraying jobs, the Wagner control pro 150 is ideal for your large-scale spray painting DIY projects.

It not only performs powerfully but also makes the surfaces appealing. The Wagner control pro 150 airless paint sprayer features a carry handle that completes its portably ergonomic design that allows for easy maneuverability during a project.

It also features a stylish 25ft paint hose length that allows for convenient access to otherwise hard-to-reach surfaces.

This sprayer features some powerful design features that allow for the delivery of a powerful performance.

The Wagner control pro 150 airless paint sprayer identifies as a high-efficiency paint sprayer ideal for optimal large-scale application.

Thanks to its highlighting 1500psi maximum operating pressure to control paint flow and the .55 hp spray gun.

These spray guns are perfect for any DIY painting job and project as they can spray any from a wide variety of materials.



  • Professional finish and application
  • Wide range of material compatibility
  • Enhanced operational maneuverability


  • Inconvenient material capacity

Just follow this three-step process:

First, remove all the dirt and debris from the inside of your machine with a brush.

Second, give it an oil change by pouring some motor oil into each outlet until you had filled up every part except where one small hole is leftover from when they installed it originally.

Lastly, turn on high-pressure mode for 10 seconds before releasing the trigger so that any moisture will be forced out of the spray tip through these larger openings instead.



The Wagner airless paint sprayer is easy to use and maintain. You should wash the filter once every two weeks for best results, but you can go longer if needed without any adverse effects on performance or quality of work compared with when used regularly at less frequency using wider spray tips.

The History of the Paint Sprayer

In 1887, Joseph Binks invented the spray gun for spraying paint in a fine mist. It was a hand-operated spray gun with a spray nozzle for paint dispersion.

It worked by keeping the paint inside a pressurization container under fully adjustable pressure. Think of it as similar in operation to the modern pump sprayers.

In 1927, Erik Rotheim invented the aerosol can as a way of waxing skis. But it was several years later when you can use the aerosol for spraying paint on various surfaces. In 1949, Edward Seymour developed aerosol paint that you can deliver through an aerosol can.

But it will take the work of Dr. Allen DeVilbiss to make the fine mist of spray paint that allowed thick and thin materials to be evenly sprayed on surfaces.

He was looking for a more efficient way of treating his patients and their respiratory problems, not spraying paint in a fine mist!

His son, Thomas DeVilbiss, took his invention further by applying the principles he developed on a spray gun.

And thus, he was born the paint sprayer in 1907! Since then, the commercial paint sprayer has become more developed in terms of their features.

What is the Difference Between HVLP and Conventional Paint Sprayers?

Shopping for a paint spray gun can be a daunting process considering the availability of the different types of spray guns. These sprayers vary because of the different types of air cap they use.

Here we will discuss the common types of paint sprayers, which include Conventional and HVLP paint sprayers. We will demystify their differences to enable you to make the right choice for your DIY paint spraying task.

Air pressure

HVLP sprayers use low pressure during atomization. It is estimated that these sprayers use close to 10 Psi to propel the paint droplets.

Whereas, conventional spray guns utilize high pressure which is similar not only at the inlet but also at the outlet of the sprayer. Due to high pressure, these spray guns produce finer paint droplets.


If you need a spray gun that will not be a threat to your environment when spraying, the good airless paint sprayer will do you the trick.

Such a sprayer has less overspray hence it releases small amounts of pollutants such as isocyanates and primers, which as very harmful to the environment.

The conventional paint sprayer is not a good fit for the environment. This is because it has high overspray levels that end up releasing harmful organic compounds.

Therefore, these pollutants ought to be trapped on filters to prevent them from polluting the environment.

Spray finish

HVLP spray guns have a lower pressure, which leads to the production of thick and large paint droplets. These large droplets may contribute to a splotchy paint application and equally a rough texture. You ought to be very careful when using an HVLP spray gun.

On the other hand, conventional spray guns work with high pressure that turns paint into finer droplets, resulting in a finer and thinner application.


When it comes to transfer efficiency, an HVLP spray gun is very reliable. In fact, it can achieve a 60% transfer efficiency.

With an HVLP paint sprayer, you will have more paint sticking on that surface you are painting. Hence there will be minimal waste. 

The conventional sprayers are less efficient, hence releases a lot of paint and harmful chemicals into the environment. So you will need an optimized fan size to keep waste to a minimal level.

Picking Best Professional Airless Sprayer for you

The Wagner control pro 150 handheld paint sprayer high-efficiency paint sprayer would be the ideal choice for you.

It offers the best quality finish to complement its powerful performance and its sleek look.

If you are looking for the best professional airless paint gun, this review should be an excellent aid for you to pick the right one.

A good airless spray gun will make your painting and DIY projects easier while giving you more time to cherish your work.

Moreover, maintaining those machines will take lesser time and you will find the paint job more fun.