Best Paint Sprayer for Home Use

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Painting furniture and other home improvement projects require a sprayer with different characteristics than airless sprayers used in the commercial sector.

Indeed, it’s lighter, smaller, and cheaper than the latter since you will only use it in smaller projects. A DIY airless sprayer is also a handheld paint sprayer that you can use indoors and outdoors on fences, decks, patios, and even minor car repairs.

PaintWIZ PW25150


PaintWIZ PW25150 Handheld Paint Sprayer PRO

  • Excellent for thinner materials
  • Dependable performance
  • Superior control over material flow and pattern
  • Easy and fast to use
Graco Magnum 257025

Budget Friendly

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

  • Handles various materials including stains, latex and acrylic
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use, maintain and store
Wagner Flexio 590

Editors Pick

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Sprays Unthinned Latex, Includes Two Nozzles - iSpray & Detail Finish Nozzle, Complete Adjustability for All Needs

  • Best paint sprayer for an interior walls
  • Cover broad surfaces faster and with less effort than with paint rollers
  • Adjustable flow and nozzle

Don’t dismiss the best airless sprayers gun for home just because the paint sprayer is smaller either! When it’s used correctly, it can also give professional results – smooth applications, vibrant colors, and long-lasting paint. Since sprayers usually come with an instructions manual, these have a little learning curve.

6 Best Paint Sprayers for Home Use

1. Wagner Spraytech 0529010- Best Paint Sprayer for Home Interior Wall

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Sprays Unthinned Latex, Includes Two Nozzles - iSpray & Detail Finish Nozzle, Complete Adjustability for All Needs

The best paint spray gun for home use is the Wagner Spraytech Flexio 590, a complete sprayer kit that you can use almost right out of the box.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

At first glance, the paint sprayer looks like a complicated latex paint sprayer that only professionals can use. But it’s easy to use since there are only three parts to assemble, while the controls are intuitive and the trigger is responsive. We like its user manual, too, since it provides step-by-step instructions on its operations and maintenance.

Yet another thing we like about the paint sprayer is that it’s a handheld paint sprayer that produces 50% more power than most other sprayers in its price range.

This airless paint sprayer can spray a large area of about 8’x10′ in under a minute for non-thinned paints and about five minutes for denser paints like latex. It’s so efficient that you can paint the walls of a large living room in an hour or so without worrying about the paint bucket.

The rotating cap allows for adjustments in patterns and arc width, among others. The trigger’s two stages allow for more control over the material flow, too. The first stage occurs when the X-boost turbine is activated, while the second stage starts with the trigger pulled further, resulting in the material injection.

The X-Boost power dial makes for versatile applications, too. It causes high air power resulting in a smoother finish.

paint sprayers


Thanks to its two patented technologies, it’s powerful enough to tackle small and relatively large home improvement projects and paint job. It’s also versatile enough to handle nearly all types of materials, including latex and stains.

2. Graco Magnum 257025- Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Home Use

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

The best home-use airless paint sprayer is the paint sprayer Graco Magnum 257025 project painter plus!

These airless sprayers combine the benefits of a reasonable price, a set of functional features, and a durable build. It’s a reliable tool for many home improvement projects, from painting kitchen cabinets to repainting picket fences.

Why Are These Airless Paint Sprayers a Top Pick?

With a recommended annual usage of 50 gallons, the Graco magnum project painter plus is a reliable airless spray for painting every possible surface in and out of your home.

The hvlp paint airless sprayer can handle non-thinned and denser paints, such as latex paint, with certain adjustments for material flow. Its material output is about 0.24 gallons/minute from the paint cup, a respectable rate for DIY jobs.

It has a 3/8 horsepower motor, like Graco magnum x5, a reasonably standard spec for DIY sprayers, which provides power to the sprayer itself. It’s more than enough power to push the material through a 25-foot hose and get smooth results. For projects requiring longer hose length, the Graco project painter plus is also compatible with most aftermarket hoses.

Setting it up is easier than expected, like a Graco magnum x5 too! Nonetheless, you may want to watch the instructional DVD for more information on getting the best results. You can also refer to the quick-start guide printed on the sprayer itself if you’re already familiar with sprayers.

We like that spray painter because it’s such a lightweight sprayer that can work with heavy air compressor pressure. It weighs around 10 pounds – so it’s easy to handle for an hour or so with little break for any exterior or furniture painting projects.


If you’re looking for suitable airless paint sprayers for home improvement projects, you will find that this Graco Magnum model fits the bill.

Of course, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of high-end, commercial-grade sprayers because it’s a home-use only sprayer. But it will more than suffice for jobs around the house in low pressure setting.

3. Wagner Spraytech 0518080- Best Paint Sprayer for Home Exterior

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking, Extra Container included

Yet another best paint sprayers machine for home use from Wagner is its Spraytech 0518080, a multipurpose spray gun designed with several useful features. These paint sprayers include variable air pressure, flow control, and spray patterns aside from its powerful turbine, a feature that allows for the use of dense and non-thinned materials through a durable spray nozzle.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

Wagner paint sprayers are usually easy to use, even for beginners, and the 0518080 isn’t an exception to the rule. No wonder the Wagner paint sprayer is among the best paint sprayers in the market.

There are only a few steps to using the paint gun – twist the handle, attach the hose to the turbine and pistol, pour paint into the container, choose the spray pattern, and turn the unit on. When in doubt, there’s always the user’s manual and instructional DVD for reference purposes which is comprehensible than any other different paint sprayer.

It’s also easy for both right-handed and left-handed users and easy on the arms due to its lightweight design. Thanks to a front door feature, these paint sprayers are even easier to replace the material in the container.

Its 570-watt, 2-stage HVLP turbine is a powerful sprayer that handles several materials with different viscosities. You can use this paint sprayer to paint with non-thinned materials and dense paints, such as acrylic, latex, and stains. You should be able to achieve professional results for as long as the right settings are chosen.

Such versatility is also possible due to the different spray patterns that align the air cap and nozzle. You can also adjust the air pressure for more customization options of the material flow.

paint sprayers


It’s a practical sprayer for painting large areas, such as interior and exterior wall, and smaller regions needing more precision. The latter includes furniture like tables, chairs, and cabinets as well as doors and windows.

4. Graco 16Y385- Best Home Spray Paint Gun

Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer, Blue/White

If you ask us about the best paint sprayers for ceilings, we will recommend Graco 16Y385 gun!

Why Is This a Top Pick?

Graco recently introduced its innovative FlexLiner airless paint sprayers paint bag system, which has changed how we see spray painting. It’s a useful feature when working on smaller DIY projects requiring greater precision, such as furniture, windows, and doors. It isn’t actually an excellent system for denser paints, such as latex, but it works best with thinner material.

Yet another innovative feature is the VacuValve technology. You can use the sprayer in both the right side up and upside down position without it becoming leaky or malfunctioning. You will then use it in tight spaces, such as corners, nooks, and crannies for paint spraying.

There’s usually little thinning required since the robust piston pump already pushes out the material in a fine mist of spray fan-the mist results in a smoother application sans the splotches, tear marks and uneven patches.

Please note that you should use only the recommended types of spraying paint, like latex paints, with the sprayer. Otherwise, the mechanism or spray bottles can break or, worse, become unusable.

The air compressors pressure control knob has an integrated scale of 1-10. It helps select the proper airflow intensity for the task at hand, such as 40% for thin materials.

There are two spray patterns to choose from – a 4″ and a 12″ pattern. You can then choose between wide and narrow patterns.

airless paint sprayers


Aside from the fact that it’s a Graco product, it has several features that make it suitable for serious DIY users. It doesn’t clog easily even when used continuously, and it can last for several years of regular use.

5. HomeRight C800766, C900076- Best HVLP Paint Sprayer for Home Use

HomeRight Finish Max Series Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Choose Between Quick Finish, Finish Max and Super Finish Max Spray Guns

The HomeRight C900766 is the best DIY home paint hvlp spray gun in our books, too! While the hvlp sprayers are cheaper, they aren’t inferior, thanks to their useful features like the powerful pump, spray tips, and diverse spray fan settings.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

The HVLP paint sprayers technology used in this HomeRight sprayer uses low pressure in blowing the paint over any surface through a heavy-duty paint hose. This is in contrast with non-HVLP sprayers that use high pressure of air in applying the material. With HVLP paint sprayers technology, there’s a higher transfer rate for the materials and lesser overspray.

There’s no need to make separate purchases for aftermarket accessories since everything necessary to use the sprayer is already packed in the package of this hvlp spray gun.

There’s a viscosity cup for determining the best viscosity for the material, an essential step since the paint spraying doesn’t work well with latex and other denser materials through the delicate spray tip. Getting the correct viscosity for a first-timer can be tricky, but it’s easy enough with practice.

On the brighter side, the hvlp sprayers are compatible with different paints as the spray tip, and a sturdy paint hose can handle diverse pressure from the air compressor and paint viscosity! These include primers, polyurethane, varnish, stain, milk paint, chalk type paints, clear sealer, and enamel paints for every paint job using hvlp types of paint sprayers.

The brass nozzles are more durable than most nozzles we’ve seen so far, a thoughtful feature indeed. Changing the spray pattern is as easy as rotating the nozzle, too. The spray paint patterns are vertical, horizontal, and round, which means a sprayer is a good tool for most DIY painting projects.

The control knob has an intuitive design, and it’s used in regulating the air flow. The basic principle is that the further the trigger is pulled, the more power received from the motor and the more materials delivered to the nozzle.

hvlp spray gun


Keep in mind that it’s an HVLP sprayer, so it works differently than a non-HVLP sprayer. Moreover, it delivers better results at low pressure and high volume settings connected with a high-quality air compressor.

6. PaintWIZ PW25150- Best Handheld Paint Sprayer for Home Use

PaintWIZ PW25150 Handheld Paint Sprayer PRO

The best at-home paint sprayer should have an ergonomic design that allows for prolonged handling without causing muscle cramps in the arm and hand.

This is precisely what the PaintWIZ PW25150 gives its user, so to speak, thanks to its lightweight and hand-friendly handle. Please take note that it uses HVLP paint sprayer technology, too, which means that air and material are forced out of the nozzle at less than 10 psi, an ultra-low pressure.

The result: The spray is gentler and easier to control, so even beginners can use it well. Plus, most of the material ends up on the surface being painted on, not on the user, and into the atmosphere (i.e., little to no overspray).

Why Is This a Top Pick?

The three spray patterns make it suitable for large and small painting jobs. Choosing the spray pattern is easy, too, and being in control of the paint flow and spray pattern comes easy. These patterns are vertical wide, horizontal wide, and circular patterns.

It doesn’t have as much overspray as other non-HVLP sprayers: less overspray, less wasted paint.

We have to emphasize that this hvlp paint sprayer isn’t an effective sprayer for thicker materials like latex. But it delivers a smooth finish when used with thinner materials, such as sealers, stains, urethanes, lacquers, and varnish.


What we liked best about it because it provides superior control over the material flow and pattern, thanks to its HVLP technology.

Buyer Guide of Best Home Paint Sprayer: Things You May Want to Know About It

What Paint Sprayer Is Suitable As An Entry-Level Model For Newcomers?

We recommend the HomeRight C800766 sprayer because of its straightforward operation, user-friendly controls, and versatile functionality.

How much paint is required for spray guns can be tricky, and you don’t have to worry about that with this type of paint sprayer with stainless steel piston pump. It can disperse any atomize paint, thin or thick latex paint, or lacquer through the spray tip using the flexible suction tube.

This type of paint sprayer offers more coverage with more paint but almost no brush marks or marks of a paint roller. And the most convenient factor is the paint sprayer weighs less than any conventional carted paint sprayer.

While reading the instructions manual is recommended; it’s easy to assemble and use even for beginners. These spray guns work based on HVLP technology, so there’s less overspray and less waste of paint.

What Are The Health Risks And Precautions To Be Taken?

Remember that paints, stains, and other finishing materials are made of chemicals, and it’s true even for lead-free, non-toxic materials. When working with a high volume of paints in a confined area, you need to maintain a few health cautions.

airless sprayer

Overexposure and inhalation, and absorption through the skin of these thinned or unthinned paint have adverse health effects. These include dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, dermatitis, eye and throat irritation, asthma-like wheezing and feelings of chest tightness, and other general allergic responses.

Worse, there’s also the risk of damage to the nerves, kidneys, and liver. Heavy metal poisoning can also occur in some cases since nickel, cadmium, and chromium may be present in the materials.

Due to these health risks, the importance of taking these safety precautions cannot be overemphasized
  • Use a paint sprayer inside a spray painters booth, if possible. But if it isn’t available, open the windows and doors, so there’s sufficient ventilation, or use the sprayer outdoors.
  • Always read the user’s manual if it’s your first time using compressed air sprayers. Refer to it, too, when you’re in doubt. Safety first!
  • Wear the proper personal protective equipment. These include safety goggles, a mask covering your nose and mouth, thick gloves and well-fitting clothes or coveralls, and work shoes. We suggest wearing clothes that fit you well around your arms and body, so it doesn’t get in the way of working with the sprayer.

You may also consider applying barrier creams to reduce your risk of skin allergies if the paint comes into contact with your skin.

  • Take regular breaks. Even a relatively healthy person can become overwhelmed by the smell of painting materials! If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, perhaps having difficulty breathing, after 30 minutes of spraying, you should rest for 5 minutes or so. You should ideally find an open space where you can live away from the fumes.

Keep in mind that a paint sprayer is a powerful tool, too! A paint spraying machine would help if you focused your attention on using it since accidents can happen in a split-second of being distracted.

You should never point a paint sprayer in the direction of another person or an animal either! You can’t risk pulling the trigger and spraying them with paint, especially in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Think of it as a gin, albeit with paint, and you will be more careful with it.

If you have a history of respiratory illness, particularly asthma, you should avoid using a paint sprayer or being in a room where it’s being used. The mist of thinned or unthinned paint coming from the sprayer through the hose can enter your nose and mouth that, in turn, can trigger an asthma attack. Besides, the smell of paint can be overwhelming for your delicate respiratory system.

The Main Criteria to Consider When Selecting Your Best Paint Spray Gun for Exterior Home Use

With airless paint sprayers, it’s essential to choose one that you can use several times. You must then determine your unique needs and wants in it.

Do you plan on using an airless paint sprayer indoors only or both indoors and outdoors? Do you intend to use it regularly or occasionally? Do you have the budget for a high-end sprayer, or will a budget-friendly one suffice? These are just a few of the questions you must ask before buying a sprayer.

furniture painting

First off, you have to consider the type of sprayer you will need
  • Airless paint sprayers are the best choice for exterior painting surfaces like lattices, fences, decks, and interior surfaces. It’s great with thick paint for interior and exterior painting, too.
  • Pneumatic sprayers aka compressed air sprayer are great for smaller projects like cabinets and furniture with a garden hose extension. Unlike any airless sprayers, it requires more attention to detail. While it’s more affordable, it also creates more overspray.
  • An HVLP sprayer is more expensive, but there’s less overspray and, thus, less waste of paint. These are also suitable for interior projects requiring more details, although these aren’t great tools for thicker paint.
Then you have to look into the features
  • Look for adjustable speeds and spray patterns since these will expand the number of uses of the sprayer.
  • Check if it’s both easy to assemble and use as well as easy to clean and store. We suggest sprayers that can be attached to a garden hose for easy clean-ups.
  • Choose a lightweight sprayer. You should be able to use it for an hour or two at a time without feeling like your arm is going to fall off from its weight.
  • Determine whether you want an electric-powered or a cordless sprayer. If you want more power, you should look for the best electric paint sprayer for home use like the ones mentioned above. If you want more portability, go for a cordless model.
  • Check out the usefulness of the accessories, especially at high volume. These can include protectants and conditioners, extension rods and filters, and hose and sprayer tip.

Last, you have to consider your budget! But don’t be so stingy that you will settle for the cheapest. Remember that you’re likely to get what you paid for.

Picking Best Home Use Paint Sprayer for You

With that being said, the best paint sprayer for home projects like cabinets, furniture in our books is the Wagner Flexio 590! It’s suitable for both beginners and professionals doing residential projects.

These airless paint sprayers are easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy on the wallet, too, not to mention that we like them for their efficiency in painting large and small surfaces.

Of course, all six of the sprayers on this list are considered top-notch sprayers available for reasonable prices. Your unique needs will still be the main criteria when you make your choice.

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