Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets 2022 – A Guide on How to Spray Paint Cabinets

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Save money by using the best paint sprayer for cabinets instead of buying new ones or hiring a pro.

It’s easy to make kitchen cabinets look new with a fresh coat of paint.

Over time, cabinets will show their age, so to speak, and repainting them is the best way of extending their useful lives. While using a traditional brush or roller is also a good idea, using a paint sprayer is better. The paint job becomes easier and the results are smoother, finer, and sleeker.

Graco 17M359


Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359

  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Consistent spray in any position
  • Powerful motor made with sturdy parts
  • Suitable for use with many materials

PaintWIZ PW25150

Budget Friendly

PaintWIZ PW25150 Handheld Paint Sprayer PRO

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Powerful and durable motor
  • Greater control over the spray pattern and material flow
  • Sturdy build
Wagner 0518080

Editors Pick

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking, Extra Container included

  • Powerful motor makes it suitable for most DIY jobs
  • Adjustable controls for more customized results
  • Effective filtration
  • Easy to assemble, use and clean

12 Best Cabinet Paint Sprayer Review- Get Quality Finish Fast!

1. PaintWIZ PW25150- Best Paint Sprayer for Walls and Cabinets

Quick Features

  • Designed with high volume, low pressure (HVLP) technology
  • Minimizes overspray and fewer paint particles
  • Decreased waste and increased efficiency
  • There’s no need to buy an air compressor, or a nozzle, or a spray gun

The best paint sprayer for cabinets and walls should be easy to handle and maneuver since cabinets are fairly small. We think that the PaintWIZ PW25150 hvlp sprayer meets the brief in this regard. Plus, it’s from a reliable manufacturer, so it comes with a great warranty and a good set of features.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

But take note that it isn’t designed to handle thick materials, such as latex, or else it will become damaged after a few uses. Instead, this hvlp spray gun is specifically designed for painting thinner materials, such as lacquers, stains, sealers, varnishes, and thin paint like urethanes.


The 400-watt motor provides more than enough power to atomize the material into a fine mist and to push it out of the nozzle.

This compressed-air sprayer obviously requires plugging into an electrical outlet so it cannot be used in off-grid situations. But it has its advantage, too, particularly in that it won’t run out of juice.

Everything needed to start spraying is already in the package except for the thicker paint itself.

The hvlp paint sprayer for painting kitchen cabinets has three spray patterns to choose from. First, the horizontal pattern allows for top to bottom paint spraying over a wide area.

Second, the vertical pattern allows for side-to-side paint spraying over larger surfaces.

Third, the circular pattern is suitable for paint spraying over edges, corners, and crannies that the other patterns cannot paint so well.

You can choose from these patterns via a control dial. You have greater control over the hvlp spray guns than, say, over paint brushes or paint roller. You will also get less overspray, so you’ll have less wasted paint.

The sprayer will provide quality results whether you’re painting cabinets, priming, staining, or trimming wood furniture without much work on your part. In conclusion, this is one of the best HVLP spray guns for cabinets on the market.

  • Reducing the amount of overspray and paint wastage
  • Ideally suited for use with thinner paints and stains
  • Faster than paint brushes, plus you have more control over the sprayer
  • I am very impressed with the finishing on the paint coats
  • Weak spray
  • Faulty nozzle
People Also Ask

How to Prime Your Cabinets

To prime your cabinets, you need to mix one part of oil based primer with two parts of water. Then, you need to apply the mixture onto the entire surface of your cabinets.

After applying the first coat of primer, you need to wait at least one to two hours before applying the next coat. It is important to allow sufficient drying time before applying the first layer of paint so that your surface won’t peel or bubble.

2. Graco Ultra Corded 17M359- Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Quick Features

  • Two-speed settings: one for detail work, one for broad coverage
  • Tip Size: 0.015-inch
  • Delivers on outstanding quality and functionality
  • The FlexLiner technology ensures a tight fit, as well as allows for quick clean-ups afterward

Are you looking for the best airless paint sprayer for the kitchen cabinet? Today, most paint sprayers look very forgettable; nevertheless, part of the reason we selected the Graco Ultra Corded 17M359 is the futuristic sci-fi style design.

If you have high expectations for the best Graco airless paint sprayers for cabinets, you won’t be disappointed with the Graco 17M359 airless paint sprayer.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

We consider the Graco 17M359 airless cabinet paint sprayer as one of the best airless paint sprayers for cabinets and doors partly because of its outstanding maneuverability.

No matter what position it is when in use, whether it’s right side up or upside down or at an angle, it will spray paint according to its setting.

The airless sprayer is such a practical feature for spraying every square inch of cabinets, especially the nooks and crannies of kitchen cabinets with a smooth finish that detail-oriented DIY enthusiasts are keen on.


There’s no need to worry about the spray gun being clogged with excess material, paint particles, or the material itself leaking out from the canister with these airless sprayers. This brand has a special feature that makes cleaning airless paint sprayers super easy.

The fine mist that comes out of the airless paint sprayer makes it fast and easy to cover fairly wide areas with less spray paint used. Therefore, there is no need for a garden hose.

You may want, for example, to have a two-tone effect on the chairs with the line between the two colors clearly drawn.

Changing the spray patterns is as simple as rotating the spray tips. You can then make as many as three patterns via a simple adjustment but don’t make it while the spray nozzle is still spraying a fine mist.

You also have the benefit of two pressure speeds, namely, high and low for greater control over the airless sprayers’ intensity.

All these features make the Graco Ultra one of the best airless paint sprayers.

  • Up to 2,000 PSI of high pressure
  • It makes it extremely easy to keep your cabinet doors smooth and even
  • Great tool for detailed work
  • Slightly expensive
People Also Ask

How To Clean An Airless Paint Sprayer

There are a few ways to clean an airless paint sprayer. One is to use acetone, which can be effective but also poses some health risks. Another option is lacquer thinner, which is easy to use and helps get rid of any leftover paint. You can also soak your paint sprayer tips in denatured alcohol to keep them unclogged for your next project.

3. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2- Best Cabinet Paint for HVLP Sprayer

Quick Features

  • Overall best hvlp sprayer for kitchen cabinets
  • 1.3mm stainless steel air cap and a tremendous 400CC gravity cup included
  • Tip Size: 3 mm
  • Has a powerful 1,400-watt, 2-stage bypass motor
  • Fan control knob, and a non-bleed feature
  • Gravity-designed paint sprayer

Are you a serious DIY enthusiast/semi-pro looking for the best HVLP paint sprayer for cabinets for your home improvement painting project? You must consider the FUJI 2203G HVLP spray system.


The notable aspect about the Fuji 2203G hvlp spray gun is that it’s also widely considered as one of the best gravity paint sprayers for cabinets in addition to its HVLP technology.

The combination of gravity and HVLP technologies means that nearly every drop will be sprayed on the intended surface. Such versatility isn’t common in DIY paint sprayers but it’s quite common in more expensive professional paint sprayers.


The 25-foot air hose is among the longest we’ve seen in non-professional paint sprayers, too. You can then use the paint sprayer in indoor and outdoor situations, as well as for high cabinets, without worrying about running out of the hose.

Plus, the hose material itself doesn’t kink or knot so easily, and it’s made of thick material that can be coiled for storage.

The heart of the best paint sprayers is obviously the motor and the 1,400-watt motor delivers great performance every time.

The steady spray paint coming from the nozzle is made possible by the motor, and it’s vital in the smoothest possible result.

The 1-quart reservoir feeds a secondary paint cup so there’s less frequency of refilling. You can then complete a cabinet painting task faster with a smooth finish.

Both the turbine unit and airless spray gun have adjustment controls for greater variety in spray capacity and speed. The controls are on the base unit so it’s easy enough to change them.

  • More efficient (i.e., less material waste)
  • It requires less air than siphon-designed paint sprayers
  • Adjustable nozzles for spraying different patterns
  • Fitted with different needles or nozzles
  • Not easy to clean
People Also Ask

Airless paint sprayers vs. HVLP Sprayers for Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets 

Airless paint sprayers work by using compressed air to atomize the paint. This means that you have to keep a constant flow of compressed air going through them at all times. HVLP sprayers use hot water and a high-pressure stream to force paint out of the nozzle at much higher pressure than an airless sprayer, which makes it more efficient.

HVLP paint sprayers are great for painting small projects. However, they can’t handle large surfaces with ease. Airless paint sprayers are good for handling large projects and heavy materials like wood and metal.

4. HomeRight Finish Max C800971- Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets and Trim

Quick Features

  • A cleaning brush, an air nozzle, and a viscosity cup are included
  •  Three brass spray tips
  • Has HVLP technology combined with a 450-watt motor
  • No need for an air compressor

The best DIY paint sprayer for cabinets should be small enough to hold in your hand and light enough to be held for an hour or so without causing hand fatigue. You’ll be thrilled with the results of a factory light paint application, without any brush or roller marks.

The HomeRight C800971 hvlp sprayer has both qualities and, in fact, it’s like a spray paint can with a trigger! It’s such a portable and lightweight sprayer that it’s suitable for use virtually anywhere, a handy tool for DIY enthusiasts looking to save time on their next painting project.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

Its standalone quality means that it can be carried and used nearly everywhere without lugging heavy accessories around.


These hvlp paint sprayers come with three spray tip sizes but it’s actually compatible with up to six spray tip sizes (i.e., aftermarket purchase) resulting in more paint flow customization options.

There are also two air caps for choosing between wide and fine patterns as well as a volume control knob for added customization.

The different spray pattern can also be controlled by rotating the nozzle and it’s intuitive, too.

It’s simple – twist the nozzle into a horizontal position for a horizontal pattern, vertical for a vertical pattern, and 45 degrees for a circular pattern. Isn’t it simple?

Now you can then spray on paint not just on cabinets but on other furniture, too

The control knob regulates the flow of air and, thus, the flow of material from the nozzle.

This hvlp spray gun works on a basic principle, too – the more you pull on the trigger, the more paint-flow, easily coming out of the nozzle. It’s a useful feature when making the finishing touches on kitchen cabinets and other surfaces.

And we like the HomeRight cabinet paint sprayers because it’s suitable for use for a wide range of materials. These include enamel, primer, milk, chalk, stain, varnish, and polyurethane, proof that indeed the size of a sprayer isn’t a limitation in its versatility.

  • Work with a number of different painting projects
  • Adjustable air cap
  • Lightweight paint sprayer
  • No smooth finish due to insufficient atomization of paint

5. Spraytech Flexio 5000- Best Handheld Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Quick Features

  • The detail finish nozzle comes with it
  • X-boost Turbine – Three times more powerful than other types of paint sprayers
  • Easy enough to assemble before use and easy to clean afterward
  • Variable paint flow control for greater control

HVLP spray guns are a popular choice for things like kitchen cabinets. The Spraytech Flexio 5000 is, in our opinion, one of the best stain sprayer for kitchen cabinets for many reasons. It’s a corded sprayer so running out of juice in the batteries isn’t an issue.

The paint gun also uses HVLP technology so there’s less paint waste while also ensuring continuous cabinet spray painting project.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

Since the hvlp sprayers have a few parts, this Spraytech Flexio 5000 is easy enough to assemble before use and easy to clean afterward.

Use soapy water for the latex paint parts and mineral spirits for the oiled parts. The lock-n-go technology makes for quick connection and disconnection of the parts, too.


There are two air filters attached to the wagner flexio, too. These provide added protection to the sprayer by filtering out dirt and debris in the material being sprayed, as well as improve its overall functionality.

The two-stage turbine’s power rating is 570 watts, an adequate number for spraying thin materials like stains, urethanes, lacquers, varnishes, and sealers.

There’s a variable paint flow control for greater control over where the spray goes, especially along edges and corners. The switch is near the carrying handle for ease of access.

Spraying paint on every inch of the cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets, from the topmost surface to the nooks and crannies, is quick, too.

This is thanks to the three patterns available through horizontal, vertical, and diagonal air caps. You can then experiment with a wide range of coatings and finishes, even two-toned colors and edgings.

There’s also a pressure adjustment control that gives pressure between 1.50 and 2.63 psi. This means better control over the atomization level of the paint and, thus, more opportunities to experiment with textures with these hvlp spray guns while spraying cabinets.

The HVLP technology not only means lesser waste but it allows for a finer and smooth finish since the material also has a finer quality to it. Spraying thin materials, particularly varnish and lacquer, becomes easier, too.

But keep in mind that it isn’t designed for thick materials like latex. If you spray unthinned paint or want to use latex paint for painting cabinets and to spray paint other surfaces, you should use another sprayer.

  • Minimal overspray
  • You get a high-quality finish color no matter where you paint
  • Pressure adjustment control
  • Paint leakage

6. Tacklife SGP15AC- Best Latex Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Quick Features

  • Three nozzles that can create three spraying patterns
  • Three different flow rate options
  • Quick refill lid
  • 400-watt motor powers

If it’s the best brand cabinet paint sprayers you’re looking for, then we recommend Tacklife, particularly the SGP15Ac model.

Tacklife is a reliable paint sprayers brand known for its wide range of paint sprayers of which the SGP12AC model is among the best. This is a sprayer suitable for spraying thin and fairly thick materials like oil and latex that make it one of the best cabinet spray painters available.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

The spray gun has three nozzles that can create three spraying patterns, namely, a horizontal flat jet, a vertical flat jet, and a circular jet. You can then spray paint every nook and cranny, paint every way, and paint large surfaces with such a variety of paint spray.


In addition to the nozzle size, there are also three different flow rate options: 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm. This is a vital feature in getting just the right amount of paint on whatever surface area is being painted.

The paint itself is in the detachable 900ml canister, a fairly large paint container that minimizes frequent refills.

But in case of refills, it’s easy enough to do, thanks to a quick refill lid. There’s no need to screw off the canister, which means going back to the job in a minute or so. With spray painting, time is of the essence to ensure that the paint will have an even finish.

With a 70 DIN-s flow rate, the handheld sprayer can handle thin and fairly thick materials. If a spray painter wants to spray paint unthinned material to paint kitchen cabinets, this is the right tool for you.

It will also provide smoother results with little to no brush marks, splotches, formerly painted cabinets, and uneven surfaces.

The spray width lever allows for adjustment of the paint output or spray amplitude. For spraying kitchen cabinets, just slide it left or right according to the desired spray amplitude and the area of the surface for spraying.

The 400-watt motor powers the indoor/outdoor air turbine and contributes to the creation of a continuous flow of air. If the right painting techniques are used, spray painting cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets, will result in a professional paint finish.

  • Ideal for smaller projects and detail work
  • It gives thick coats and texture to uneven surfaces
  • It comes with only one tip size (1.4mm)
  • An air compressor is required, so there are additional expenses

7. Wagner Spraytech 0518080- Best HVLP Sprayer for Cabinets

Quick Features

  • Simple user manual makes it easy to use
  • Three different nozzle sizes
  • Designed for fairly simple and small tasks
  • Powerful to accommodate both thin and thick materials
  • Three different spray patterns

We have to say that the best professional hvlp sprayer for cabinets is another Wagner product – the Spraytech 0518080. As with other HVLP sprayers, the high volume and low-pressure system eliminate overspray, thus reducing paint waste.

It’s a good investment in a sprayer when you’re into repurposing and repainting furniture, spraying kitchen cabinets, even painting small outdoor structures, unlike any lvlp paint sprayers.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

The wagner spraytech 0518080 is the best Wagner paint sprayer for cabinets since it’s designed for fairly simple and small tasks but it has a good set of features, too.

These features include a durable metal spray gun, a powerful 2-stage turbine, and variable air pressure control, all of which are essential in getting the best results making it the best handheld paint sprayer.


Despite its small size, it’s powerful enough to accommodate both thin and thick materials although the latter has to be thinned well enough for proper atomization. The suitable materials include lacquers, paints, primers, and stains, which are used to spray paint cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets and other furniture surfaces.

Like other Wagner paint sprayers, it also has three spray patterns made by choosing from among three caps – horizontal, vertical, and circular.

The issue of overspray can be addressed by changing the air pressure and material flow, especially for thinner materials like stains and lacquer. The air pressure adjustment ranges from 1.50 to 2.63 psi, which should be enough range for most DIY home applications.

There are two parts to the electric paint sprayers: a spray gun and a stationary base where the turbine is placed.

There’s a 20-foot hose that connects these two parts. The beauty of such a design lies in reduced hand fatigue. You only need to handle the spray gun itself, a lightweight part, when spraying on cabinets while the turbine stays on the ground.

The two large filters prevent dirt and debris from becoming mixed in with the paint. This means finer and smoother results that you can run feel with your fingers.

The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is our top pick for the best paint sprayer for cabinets on this list.

  • The user can choose paint thickness and whether to paint vertically, horizontally or round
  • It’s easy to stain your deck, paint cabinets, furniture, patios, and trim with a two-stage air turbine
  • 3-position air cap
  • 20-foot hose
  • Unsuitable for latex paint

8. REXBETI Ultimate-750- Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets and Furniture

Quick Features

  • It’s a budget sprayer designed for homeowners and handymen
  • Featuring four different nozzle sizes for every paint type: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm
  • Three different nozzles
  • An easy-to-operate control system

Yet another item in our books is the Rexbeti Ultimate-750. Its 500-watt motor is powerful enough for most DIY projects including kitchen cabinets, tables,s and chairs, even decks and patios. It’s a standalone sprayer, too, so buying an air compressor isn’t necessary.


We like that it has three different nozzles for three standard spray patterns as well as tip sizes for compatibility with thin and thick paint materials.

Remember to use the right nozzle for the job lest the paint guns become prematurely damaged. In general, the 2mm and 2.5mm nozzles are suitable for sealers and varnish, among other thin paints while the 3mm nozzle is for thicker paints (latex, milk, and chalk).


As for hand fatigue, there’s little risk of it happening since the handheld paint sprayers of this brand are lightweight.

The trick is in ensuring that you’re holding it at the right angle and giving your hand small breaks in between spraying. There’s a 6.5-foot long power cord, a sufficient length when spraying kitchen cabinet doors still attached to their hinges, especially the kitchen cabinets.

The controls are user-friendly so there’s a little learning curve to it. You may want, nonetheless, to read the operations manual since it’s still a Power tool and every power tool has its specific capacities and limitations.

This professional-grade spray gun has three spraying patterns to choose from as well – horizontal, vertical, and circular.

These are standard patterns found in all of the paint sprayers on this list but it’s still worthy of being mentioned. With these patterns, you can experiment with different textures and finishes, such as two tones or ombre.

We like that it’s as easy to clean and store as it is easy to use! Clean-up after a painting job can be messy due to the overspray so the ease with which this sprayer can be cleaned is one less hassle to deal with.

  • Ideal for painting small projects
  • The flow control knob lets you control just how much paint gets on your work surface
  • Power cord with an extra long cable and lightweight construction
  • With continuous use on large painting projects, the motor gets hot
People Also Ask

How to sand cabinets prior to painting

When you’re ready to paint your cabinets, it’s important to sand them first. This will prevent the paint from sticking too well to the surface of the wood and make it easier for you to apply a second coat of color. When you use an orbital sander, be sure that the grit is between 120 and 150. Finesse sanding with 150-grit paper produces a finish that is smooth enough for finishing but not so fine as to create dust clouds when applied.

Is it possible to finish cabinets without sanding?

No, you can’t finish cabinets without sanding. Cabinets are made of wood, and the carvings on them are a result of the pressure and friction that is created by cutting through the wood. Once you’ve finished cutting the cabinet, your work is not yet done. You must sand all surfaces properly to remove any sawdust that has built up during your project.

9. Titan ControlMax 1500 0580005- Best Professional Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Quick Features

  • If you’re a hobbyist or professional painter, you’ll love this spray system
  • Equipped with high-efficiency airless technology
  • Durable case with sturdy long legs
  • 1,500 psi of maximum pressure
  • Can spray up to 175 gallons per year

We would be remiss in excluding the Titan ControlMax 1500 spray painter in the list of the best professional sprayer for cabinets.

With HEA technology, there’s very little overspray, and it’s more consistent. The combination means less waste and more paint on the surface, too.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

The Titan ControlMax 1500 has many similarities to the Titan PRO but there are also a few notable differences between the two spray guns.

Both are equipped with high-efficiency airless technology so these spray guns are both efficient at the job. But unlike the PRO, 1500 doesn’t have a cart but it doesn’t mean that it’s less efficient at the paint job.


Instead of a cart, the ControlMax 1500 spray system has a durable case with sturdy long legs that prevent it from tipping over.

It also has an ergonomic handle useful for carrying the sprayer from one place to the next. It has a hose with a paint bucket, too, a convenient feature when you’re spraying in two different places.

With 1,500 psi of maximum pressure, it’s powerful enough to paint fairly high places, such as overhead cabinets. You can even use it for spraying ceilings and walls, as well as decks, patios, and furniture.

The high pressure is also vital in maintaining a steady spray even when the paint in the container is about to be used up.

The sprayer can spray up to 175 gallons per year with proper use. Be careful about using the right materials for it as even the best spray gun can be damaged otherwise.

The 25-foot long hose should be enough for most DIY tasks on the ground but it can also be extended by up to 50 feet for a higher or longer reach.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Powerful yet consistent spray
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Good value for the money
  • Slightly heavy (no cart)
People Also Ask

How Do Electric Paint Sprayers Work?

Among electric paint sprayers, the Titan ControlMax stands out as the best spray gun. The electric paint sprayer works in a very similar manner to the airless paint sprayer. The high-pressure pump is the heart of the electric paint sprayer. It uses a process that mixes paint and water together, and then atomizes the mixture before spraying it onto the surface.

10. GRACO Magnum True Airless X5 Stand Sprayer

Quick Features

  • Spray tip size: 0.015-inch
  • 0.5 horsepower output
  • Fully adjustable pressure and flow control
  • Stainless steel piston pump

The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer is ideal for covering large areas with fresh paint. With the X5, you can spray paint cabinets, furniture, walls, siding, fences, and other surfaces.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

It can apply even unthinned paint with little to no overspray thanks to its fully adjustable pressure and flow control. Plus, it comes with a 25-foot hose for extended reach.

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 paint sprayer has a 0.5 horsepower output, making it capable of handling even the most challenging projects. The flush feature makes it easy to clean, and the suction tube gets rid of the need to refill the machine every time you use it.

Furthermore, its simplified priming process will have you up and running in no time! The stainless steel piston pump gives this model extra durability.

And thanks to its powerful electric motor, this sprayer can handle even the thickest coatings with ease. Weighing in at just 15 pounds, it’s also easy to transport from job site to job site.

  • Good construction and sturdy Components
  • Flexible suction tube allows spraying directly from paint buckets
  • Extremely high-pressure piston pump
  • Uniquely positioned inbuilt storage compartments
  • The cleaning process requires no disassembly
  • It’s hard work prepping and cleaning

11. TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun

Quick Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • This paint sprayer is provided with a tethering handle that reduces clogging during the painting process
  • Ensures effective spray patterns
  • Customizable settings

If you’re looking for a high-quality paint spray gun, the TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun is an excellent option. For spray painting kitchen cabinets, it is an ideal tool for both novice and experienced users, thanks to its many features, including: 

Why Is This a Top Pick?

1.4mm fluid tip – It ensures a smoother finish with less overspray.

1-liter aluminum cup – This large capacity cup means you can work without having to stop to refill often.

Air regulator – Allows you to easily adjust the air pressure to get the perfect finish every time.

Clear-coats and other Light to Medium Viscosity Materials – The paint sprayer is designed to work with a wide range of paints, making it versatile enough for any project.

Stainless steel needles and nozzles – Durable and long-lasting spray gun that comes with the correct size for all of your painting needs.

flexible operating pressure, ranging from 29 psi to 51 psi – Means you can use it with almost any compressor.

Pattern width of 5.9 inches to 7.1 inches – Provides a good range of options for different projects.

different control knobs – Enables precise adjustment of the spray pattern and paint flow for greater accuracy.

Paint control to reduce overspray – Helps you apply the paint more evenly and with less waste.

1.3 mm tip – For a finer finish.

  • Especially well suited for solvent-based coatings
  • An affordable solution
  • Cleaning and operation are easy
  • When you clean your spray gun, it leaks

12. Earlex HV5500 HVLP spray station

Quick Features

  • Three spray patterns
  • Two-stage turbine
  • Minimum overspray
  • Durable construction

The Earlex HV5500 spray gun is a high-quality paint sprayer that is perfect for painting kitchen cabinets.

Why Is This a Top Pick?

It offers three spray patterns, so it can handle various paints, including latex paint, oil-based paint, lacquer paint, acrylic paint, and water-based paint.

The two-stage turbine makes it ideal for big painting projects, and it comes with a cart so it’s easy to move. It has been noted that the powerful turbine produces minimum overspray and that it provides more control over the flow and volume of the spray.

And thanks to its on-board storage, the Earlex HV5500 spray painter is always ready to go when you are. Finally, the durable construction ensures that this sprayer will last for years to come.

  • Long hose
  • Decent capacity
  • Durable construction
  • Noisy

Buyer Guide of Best Sprayer for Painting Cabinets: Answers to Your Common Questions

1) Is It Better to Spray or Brush Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Spray cabinet painting is the best option for you if you’re looking for fast application and flawless results.

Both spray painting and brush painting cabinets, of course, require preparing the cabinets before the application of paint. The preparatory steps will take more time than the painting and finishing tasks.

Although spray painting is a faster and easier painting process, it is easier to do for the following reasons:

  • A paint sprayer can apply paint over a large area in just half the time it takes for a brush or paint roller. A large cabinet door, for example, can be fully painted within 5 minutes of up-and-down or side-to-side motions.
  • A paint sprayer provides smoother and finer results with little to no brush marks, splotches, and other uneven areas left behind. Most paint sprayers have filters that keep out dirt and debris from mixing into the paint, too.
  • A paint sprayer can get into the smallest areas including the nooks and crannies. You have to change the nozzles depending on the work area being painted. You can also pay attention to the details, such as in two-tone effects.

In terms of results, spray painting is indeed the best route. But you can also follow the lead of professional painters who combine the use of a paint bucket, brush, roller, and sprayer to achieve the desired results.

2) How to Choose the Best Paint Sprayer for Kitchen Cabinets

Paint sprayers vary in their application capacity, the project size is an integral consideration.

It’s best to choose a sprayer that is lightweight since hand fatigue is common when spraying cabinets and walls. It should also have a powerful motor to make the atomization of the material possible and for the nozzle to produce the desired material flow and spray pattern.

You should consider several factors in choosing a paint sprayer for cabinets, among them the motor’s wattage, tip size, pressure variables, and the paint flow rate.

There are three types of paint sprayers to choose from, namely:

  • Airless paint sprayers are great for large areas due to their powerful and consistent spray.
  • Compressed air sprayers are suitable for smooth coatings and kitchen cabinets but these are harder to learn. There’s also the matter of greater overspray.
  • HVLP paint sprayers create less overspray and these are more accurate, cleaner, and safer to use. But these aren’t great for large projects.

We suggest HVLP and compressed air sprayers if you’re painting cabinets since these have adjustable controls.

3) How to Remove Existing Paint From Kitchen Cabinets

Even the paint sprayer itself won’t do any good if and when old paint isn’t completely removed from the surface. The removal process is easy enough but it takes time and energy.

  • Wear safety goggles and heavy-duty rubber gloves to protect your skin against the caustic chemicals in paint removal products.
  • Make sure to open the windows or provide other means of ventilation before starting work.
  • Protect the floors, ceilings, and walls, even the appliances, which will not be painted with plastic sheeting, newspapers, and tape.
  • Remove the cabinet doors and their hinges, and set them aside.
  • Follow the instructions regarding the use of the chalk paint stripper on the cabinet frames. These can include brushing the stripper gel on the surface of the cabinets, waiting for 20 minutes, and stripping the old paint with wax paper. Do the same for the cabinet doors.
  • Clean the debris, lightly sand the wood filler surfaces, and wipe away the remaining dust with a tack rag.

Tips & tricks for spray painting cabinets

  • Before you spray paint, read all instructions and guidelines. Make sure you have the proper safety gear on before you begin. Your safety comes first!
  • First, you will need to uninstall the cabinet doors and clean the surface of the cabinets thoroughly.
  • Cover the area with painter’s tape, drop cloths, or sheets from any overspill or drips, and repair any damage that may be present.
  • Once you are ready to start painting, apply a primer coating to all of the surfaces that will be painted.
  • Be sure to brush away any paint runs or drips before they have a chance to dry.
  • Finally, start spraying in short bursts at an angle perpendicular to the surface until the entire cabinet is covered.

4) Kitchen Cabinet Color Options: Ideas from Top Designers

The beauty of cabinets and cabinet doors is that they can be painted in any color and any color combination! You can let your creativity run wild with bold and bright color combinations or stick to the classical color combos.

You can also stick to a single color for the cabinets, such as mahogany varnish or a teak finish, based on your interior design vision.

A few color combo you may want to consider:

  • Dove and white
  • Cobalt and white
  • Yellow and white
  • Blue and yellow

Picking the Best Paint Sprayer Cabinets for You

It can be challenging to choose a paint sprayer that can help you with your specific project due to the various types, capacities, weights, and design features included today.

These 12 paint sprayers are the best for residential uses, even the occasional light commercial applications. But if you want the best sprayer to paint cabinets, you will find that the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 delivers the goods!

It has a sturdy overall construction that serious DIY enthusiasts want in their tools, as well as a good set of features.

This is a corded paint sprayer powered by a 2-stage turbine, a powerful motor that suffices for most residential spraying jobs.

Despite its power, the motor isn’t as noisy as other paint sprayers so there’s little need to wear ear protection. It’s efficient in terms of spraying paint on cabinet surface and in achieving finer, smoother results. Undoubtedly, Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is the best paint sprayer for cabinets.

But we also want to emphasize that the Spraytech 0518080 is just a recommended product! You have to consider your own budget and preferences in terms of features in a sprayer. You may, for example, choose the PaintWiz because of its portable size, budget paint sprayer, and lightweight. Get your new paint sprayer and get to work!