Best Paint Sprayer for A Fence

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It’s time to get your fence painted! You can never go wrong with a quality paint sprayer for fences.

Fences are one of the most important parts in any home, especially if you live on an acreage or have large property that takes up lots of space.

With the appropriate equipment, you can achieve great results from every angle while also saving money since doing less work is required than hand painting each panel individually- perfect when there is such large area to be covered.

Fuji 2903-T70


Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM - T70 HVLP Spray System

  • Little assembly needed
  • Easy to clean since the paint stays on the gun only
  • Suitable for painting high and low cabinets
  • Works with most materials
HomeRight C800766

Budget Friendly

HomeRight Finish Max Series Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Choose Between Quick Finish, Finish Max and Super Finish Max Spray Guns

  • Comes with additional accessories for more versatility
  • Affordable
  • Light and compact
  • Easy on the hand and easy to use
Wagner 0529010

Editors Pick

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Sprays Unthinned Latex, Includes Two Nozzles - iSpray & Detail Finish Nozzle, Complete Adjustability for All Needs

  • It sprays unthinned paint and stains
  • 570-watt, 2-stage motor
  • HVLP technology
  • Three spray patterns

The best paint sprayer for fence makes it easier and faster to paint a large section of a fence in a single sweeping motion. With it, you won’t end up with sore arms or a feeling of training ala the Karate Kid! Less time and effort required, more fence covered. 

Let’s take a look at the best paint sprayers for staining your fence.

6 Best Paint Sprayer for Fences

1. Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer 0529010- Best Paint Gun Sprayer for Fence Panels

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Sprays Unthinned Latex, Includes Two Nozzles - iSpray & Detail Finish Nozzle, Complete Adjustability for All Needs

This is undoubtedly one of the best fence paint sprayers because it’s effective, efficient, and versatile in use.

The Wagner paint sprayer 0529010 is a complete sprayer kit that can be used straight out the box. These airless paint sprayers can tackle small and large fences, as well as a wide range of other surfaces.

Despite the affordable price, these paint sprayers can actually handle most materials including latex paints, chalk paint, and other denser paints.

Its powerful turbine and nozzle make it easy to cover wider sections and achieve a professional and smooth finish without the use of compressed air. 


Why Is This A Top Pick?

The Wagner electric spray gun is so easy to use that even a beginner should have an easy time assembling and using it.

Of course, reading the manual and following the instructions is a must. We were able to assemble this Control Spray Max sprayer in a couple of minutes since it only has three parts to put together. 

With many midrange airless sprayers and spray guns, the combo of power and weight isn’t too good but it isn’t so with the Wagner Spraytecha.

Not only is it 50% more powerful, thanks to a robust turbine, but it’s also 20% lighter. You won’t likely suffer from sore arms and hands after an hour or two of painting fences. 

Its efficiency also comes from its adjustablele spray patterns feature. Just rotate the cap to get your desired spray pattern and arc width, among others.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best paint sprayers among the numerous paint sprayers that offers fence staining with a smooth finish.

Its iSpray technology makes it possible to paint broad areas on fences as well as coat corners, edges, and other smaller areas. For larger surfaces, choose the higher power setting and the narrow spray patterns setting for smaller areas. 

Take note that this air compressor-powered sprayer isn’t designed for thick materials. But it’s great for stains and oil-based paints while painting a fence.

As for its maintenance, check the user’s manual as different materials require different cleaning methods. For example, latex paint should be cleaned with warm, soapy water. 

  • Versatile uses on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Reasonable price
  • Provides faster and better results
  • Need to thin paint to spray effectively
  • Short power cord

2. HomeRight C800766, C900076- Best Paint Gun Sprayer for Picket Fence

HomeRight Finish Max Series Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Choose Between Quick Finish, Finish Max and Super Finish Max Spray Guns

The HomeRight C800766 is the one of the best paint sprayers for an outdoor fence for individuals who want an affordable sprayer that offers several useful features. Think of it as a paint sprayer that offers more value for your money than a budget spray painter.

Keep in mind that it’s an HVLP sprayer so it sounds different than the conventional sprayer.

Since it uses a high volume of air at low pressure – HVLP means “high volume, low pressure” – it sounds like a vacuum cleaner.


Why Is This A Top Pick?

While HVLP technology seems complicated, it actually makes painting fences and other surfaces easier! The sprayer itself has a straightforward operation although first-time users should read the instructions manual first.

Everything necessary for using the hvlp spray gun already comes with the package. Aside from the main sprayer unit, the package also comes with additional accessories like a viscosity cup, a time values sheet, brass spray tips, and a blower nozzle.

The viscosity or paint cup is useful in determining the material’s best viscosity; the sprayer doesn’t work well with latex and other denser paints. The sheet with time values provides a useful reference for determining the right viscosity, too.

In addition, the blower nozzle is a handy feature in prepping the surfaces and in getting the finishing touches done. 

The fence stain sprayer has a 4000watt motor on its casing’s upper part. Since it uses HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) technology, the sprayer has minimal overspray but a maximum material transfer rate. In other words, it covers more surfaces area while using less paint. 

We like that the adjustable nozzle is made of more durable brass, too. Other sprayers have a plastic nozzle that degrades faster than brass. The nozzle can be twisted depending on the desired pattern, too.

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Different spray patterns are possible
  • Adjustable air cap
  • It may not be suitable for larger surfaces

3. Fuji 2903-T70- Best Electric Fence Sprayer

Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM - T70 HVLP Spray System

It’s an industrial-grade stain sprayer but it comes with a reasonable price and it’s a versatile unit.

We say reasonable because while it’s one of the expensive paint sprayers on our list, it delivers professional results and lasts longer than budget fence paint sprayers

Why Is This A Top Pick?

Don’t be fooled by the Fuji Mini-Mite 3’s name! The sprayer comes with a powerful 3-stage turbine that allows it to work well with most materials. Of course, it’s necessary to thin the paint as recommended so as not to damage the nozzle.

This sprayer has a 6.5 psi output, a sufficient rating for professional finishes, and for use with more viscous materials.

Even when it’s in full swing, it’s fairly quiet, too, thanks to the noise reduction covers. You can use this paint spray gun near the neighbor’s house for staining fences without attracting his ire about the noise pollution. 

The 3-stage turbine has the fastest spinning speed of the Mini-Mite series. As such, it tends to become hotter as the stain sprayer is used for longer periods. The buildup of heat can damage the spray gun and make it nearly useless.

Fortunately, Fuji addressed the issue with a heat dissipation chamber at the back of the blue case. Basically, it dissipates hot air from the turbine through a series of holes. This results in a cooler operating temperature and lesser noise as well as longer life for the unit. 

With a 28-pound weight, it isn’t the lightest stain sprayer on the list. But it’s still light enough to be carried from one section of the fence to the next. 


  • Fairly easy to use
  • Robust construction
  • Versatile uses on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Suitable for professional use
  • It may be unsuitable for larger projects due to the risk of overheating

4. Graco Magnum 262800 X5- Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Fence

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, Blue

The Graco Magnum brand is trusted for the durability, functionality, and versatility of its paint spray guns. It has an outstanding set of features for its price range and performs well for residential and light commercial jobs. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

The Graco Magnum X5 has a metal SG2 spray gun with a robust full trigger suitable for working with spray tips up to 0.015″. It provides you the ultimate control of paint flow with its fully adjustable pressure control knob.

This staining fence sprayer can pump out about 0.27 gallons/minute when combined with a 515 RAC IV spray tip that spray directly from paint bucket, letting you spray paint unthinned too.

Its flexible suction tube can work well with both 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers thus eliminating the need for frequent refills. 

The Graco Magnum paint sprayers unit comes with a 25-foot DuraFlex hose, a fairly flexible hose that isn’t prone to kinks. But if you want a longer hose when painting a long fence, you can attach it to another hose with a longer length.


According to the manufacturer, Graco paint sprayer can accommodate a 75-foot hose without putting the motor under extreme stress. It’s one agreeable feature that makes it a preferable fence paint sprayer than other spray guns.

The ½ horsepower motor has more than enough power for a home improvement paint project, such as painting the wooden fence as well as cabinets, doors, interior paints, and furniture.

In addition, there’s a little learning curve in its use, too, since it’s easy to assemble and operate.

There’s even a label detailing quick instructions for its use, as well as a full user manual and an instructional DVD.

Instead of a plastic pump sprayer, it has a stainless steel piston pump sprayer that ensures reliable performance and a longer lifespan.

You should be able to use this electric spray gun with its Triax triple piston pump for staining a fence for a few years before repair is necessary. 

It’s easy to clean, thanks to the Power Flush adapter that can be attached to a garden hose for faster and easier cleanup.

With its lightweight design, this graco fence sprayer just as easy to use on a fence as it is to use indoors

  • Works with different materials from stains to latex
  • Quick setup and cleanup
  • Adjustable pressure control for paint flow -high spray, low spray, and roller
  • Durable parts and build
  • Affordable price
  • Thick paint will most likely need to be thinned
  • The hose may require extensions

5. Hvlp Paint Sprayer 800ml/min- Best Paint Gun Sprayer for Wood Fence

Moclever Paint Sprayer, 800ml/min New Upgrade HVLP Electric Paint Gun with 3 Spray Patterns, Easy Spraying and Cleaning for Power Paint Sprayer,Adjustable Valve Knob, Quick Refill Lid Detachable Cont

The Tacklife brand is also well-known for the overall quality of its products including this HVLP sprayer with a 900ml container or paint capacity.

You will find that it’s a lightweight in the weight department but a heavyweight in the power aspect. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

Everything but the paint materials is already included in the package. The box comes with the spray gun, the 900ml paint cup, and the four spray gun nozzles as well as a cleaning needle and paint brush, a funnel, and a user’s manual.

Again, read the instructions before using although it’s operated in a similar manner as other HVLP sprayers.

While it’s made from plastic, the unit itself feels and looks durable. With proper use and maintenance, These spray guns should last for a few years resulting in good value for your money.


It’s easy to hold in your hands, too, because it’s lightweight and it has an ergonomic design, particularly on the handle. 

The 900ml container can hold just enough material for a fairly large area so there’s less refilling needed. But it’s designed to allow for fast refilling as needed, a convenient feature when you’re painting a large fence.

We like that the hvlp paint sprayer canister can accommodate both thick and thin materials, too, although there are a few limitations to the type of material airless paint sprayer can handle. 

Its powerful high pressure turbine allows for a steady and stable flow control of paint materials and air into the nozzle. The result is an extra-fine atomized paint material that, in turn, means a more professional finish.

There’s also more uniform coverage with little to no splotches and tear marks, as well as less paint wastage. 

  • Out-of-0f-the box operation
  • Easy to use, refill, and clean
  • Easy on the hands and arms
  • Sprays a wide range of surfaces
  • Adjustable controls and paint flow control
  • Unsuitable for large projects due to limited canister capacity

6.  Tacklife SGP15AC- Best Garden Fence Sprayer

YATTICH Paint Sprayer, 700W High Power HVLP Spray Gun, 5 Copper Nozzles & 3 Patterns, Easy to Clean, for Furniture, Cabinets, Fence, Car, Bicycle, Garden Chairs etc. YT-201

The Tacklife SGP15AC sprayer also comes in another version, one with three nozzle sizes. This is also the best garden fence paint sprayer because it can cover fairly large swathes yet provide professional results.

It’s also made of ABS plastic, a sturdy plastic material that can withstand years of wear and tear. 


Why Is This A Top Pick?

We like its spray gun the best because it comes with three nozzles that allow for working with three spray patterns. These patterns are the circular jet, the vertical flat jet, and the horizontal flat jet.

The nozzle sizes are 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm, which means optimum spraying versatility, and the adjustable valve knob means better control over the material’s flow rate. 

The detachable canister can be filled with up to 900ml of paint material. You can detach it when refilling or you may just leave it attached to the unit. But it’s better to detach it when refilling and cleaning for safety reasons.

Be sure to use the adjustable valve knobs and the spray width level to adjust the material output according to the surface being painted. There’s also a variable trigger control for better control over the material output.

  • Versatile uses for wooden fence and metal surfaces
  • Easy to operate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable build
  • Even with the 3mm tip, some thicker paint might need to be thinned
  • Limited canister capacity

Buyer’s Guide of Best Sprayer for Fence Painting: Your Questions, Our Answers

1. Which type of gun is Best Fence Paint Sprayer?

The Wagner Spraytech 0529010 is a great paint sprayer for staining a fence because it is made to handle stains easily.

This air compressor powered fence stain sprayer also has two nozzles that make it easy to spray on both fairly large and small areas. It’s easy to handle since it’s lightweight yet powerful enough to handle most home improvement jobs. 


2. How to prepare the fence for painting?

Keep in mind that painting or staining a fence isn’t something that can be done in an hour, even if it’s just a low white picket fence. The painting process starts with prepping the fence and the painting materials.

In many ways, the prepping steps can take more time and energy than the actual spray painting itself. 

Step1: Remove the old paint since these will result in splotches otherwise. Use a pressure washer turned on to high power but keep it to short periods. (Letting the wood become exposed to the water for long periods can result in waterlogging and mold formation, among other issues. Let the wood dry thoroughly.)

Step 2: Remove the dirt, dust, and debris as well as other uneven parts. Even with the use of a high pressure washer, there will likely be debris left on the wood and these can result in uneven painting, too. You must then remove the debris with sandpaper and a scraper. (Be patient as the scraping process can take longer than expected. But it’s necessary if you want smooth results. If the wood is already bare, then it’s ready for painting. ) 

Step 3: Place a plastic sheet beneath the fence and gate before staining a fence. This will protect the grass below it, as well as the paving stones, tiles, and soil. Plus, it makes for easier and faster clean-up afterward. Even a used thin plastic will do since it will be discarded anyway. (Place a protective covering over the shrubs and other plants, too.)

Step 4: Apply the primer to the wood. The primer prevents mold formation and acts as a paint adhesive, as well as makes for a smooth base for the topcoat. Plus, it’s a must if you want to highlight the color of the topcoat. 

Again, while painting a fence, the prepping phase is more challenging than the actual paint job. But stick with it because the final results will largely depend on it.

If old paint, dirt, and dust are still sticking to the wood, then the paint will have splotches, streaks, and uneven portions. 


3. How to paint a fence using a sprayer

Always use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) before using a paint sprayer due to the potential hazards from the paint materials.

While paints are formulated to minimize side effects on humans, these can still cause side effects when used improperly. There’s the risk of skin allergies, paint fumes can cause respiratory issues, and eye irritations, among others. 

There’s no need to wear a Haz-Mat suit! The basic PPE will have you all covered- wear gloves, safety goggles, and dust masks, completely sufficient for the task.

You should also wear sun protection, such as a wide-brimmed hat, cotton long-sleeved shirt, and sunblock when you’re working under the sun.

Don’t forget to wear closed shoes with a plastic covering to protect them from the paint overspray while painting a fence. 



Step: 1 Choose the fence stain sprayers tip depending on the spray pattern and flow desired. It will decide how much paint you will spray at a time.

Step: 2 Mix the paint and thinner, if necessary, in another container before pouring wood stain or spray paint into the canister or container.

Step: 3 Plugin the fence stain sprayers for staining and aim it at the area for painting. 

Step: 4 Aim the paint spray nozzle between six and eight inches away from the wood.

Step: 5 Turn on the fence paint sprayer now and start spraying on the boards. 

Step: 6 Use the right motions. For horizontal panels, spray horizontal, back and forth movements are best. For vertical panels, up and down movements are more suitable.

Tip: Add a second layer but apply it in a perpendicular line in relation to the first coat, which will remove streaks. Avoid arcs when you’re at the end of the stroke since they get paint into areas that shouldn’t be painted.

Tip: When spraying stains and other lighter materials, choose the lowest pressure setting for better control over the spray pattern. Also, spray following the wood grain and along with the board lengthwise. 

Check that the boards have even paint. You can re-spray with more paint, if necessary. Be sure to allow enough time for the stain or paint to dry. 


4. What to consider when buying paint sprayer for fence stain?

You have to consider these factors when choosing paint sprayers for staining a fence.

  • The type of paint sprayer should be commensurate to the type of paint job you’re intending to do. The airless paint sprayers are the best choice because of its ultra-high pressure operation. 
  • The features should also be easy to use since you don’t want to deal with complicated operations. We suggest looking for adjustable controls for varying speeds, spray patterns, and thicknesses. Look for quick cleanup features, too, and for durable parts and build.

Picking Best Sprayer for Fence Paint

Are you looking for the best stain sprayer for you next painting project of fence staining?

In our opinion, the best fence stain sprayer for staining fences is the Wagner Spraytech 0529010! It’s a complete airless sprayer kit from a reliable brand as well as being versatile, durable, and affordable.

It’s a good investment for a wide variety of home improvement projects, from painting fences to finishing furniture.