Your Guide to Choosing the Best HVLP Spray Gun

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Different companies have created a wide variety of paint sprayers gun models to bridge the gap created by the ever-diversifying DIY needs.

HVLP spray guns are among the various types of paint guns available. They are characterized by their utilization of high-volume low-pressure technology for material atomization and delivery of a smooth and professional finish.

Wagner 0518080


Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking, Extra Container included

  • Enhanced portable maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Wide variety of material compatibility
  • Professional finish

Budget Friendly

HomeRight Finish Max Series Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Choose Between Quick Finish, Finish Max and Super Finish Max Spray Guns

  • Precision brass tips and spray nozzles
  • Compatible with both water and oil-based materials
  • Easy to use and clean
  • No need for a separate air compressor

Editors Pick

Paint Sprayer 1200W with 2PCS 1200ML Detachable containers, Spray Flow 1100ml/min, 3 Copper nozzles, Universal Wheels, air Hose 3.5m- SGP17AC

  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable controls
  • An adequate high capacity fluid container
  • Detachable components

Hvlp spray guns have been favored and recommended by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike owing to their effectiveness and significantly minimal overspray while in operational use.

10 Best HVLP Paint Sprayers

This guide looks at different HVLP spray gun reviews on the market to help you find the best hvlp gun for you.

1. HomeRight C800766, C900076- Best Inexpensive HVLP Spray Gun for Woodworking

HomeRight Finish Max Series Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Choose Between Quick Finish, Finish Max and Super Finish Max Spray Guns

Not only is it a hvlp spray gun, but it’s also designed to be applied efficiently to small to medium size projects by professional paint sprayers. From its physical design to its functional and operational design, this paint sprayer would undoubtedly upgrade from the traditional paintbrush and rollers.

It is equipped with a turbine unit motor that effectively eliminates the need for a separately installed air compressor.

It is available with an optional high-performance hvlp spray system and three spray patterns, including horizontal, vertical, and round patterns, making it perfect for DIY projects and professional use.


Why is this product a top-pick?

The HomeRight finish max hvlp paint sprayer has been designed for optimal operational function when applied to beginner projects and professional works. This is primarily due to its understandable functional design as well as its convenient maneuverability during projects.

The hvlp gun features components that are functionally easy to understand and set up for effective use. As the most effective paint spraying gun globally, it allows the user to enhance their techniques and skills while achieving a professional finish.

This model is selected because you can apply it to a wide range of home furniture projects, including cabinets, trims, and other surfaces inside a house.

Its compatibility with a wide variety of spraying materials, including polyurethane, latex paints, varnish, stains, clear sealers, primers, enamels, and chalk and milk type paints among a wide range of materials. It makes the HomeRight finish max hvlp paint sprayer ideal for quite a several projects.

With adjustable spray pattern settings that let you alternate between three different spray patterns, round, vertical and horizontal spray patterns, the HomeRight finish max hvlp paint sprayer has been designed to ensure a quality, professional, and effectively consistent and smooth finish.

It as well weighs in at just 2.76lbs for effective maneuverability and minimizes fatigue while in use.

  • Portably lightweight
  • Spray pattern adjustment control
  • High capacity fluid or paint container with 27-ounce capacity
  • Overspray can be reduced a little bit more

2. Wagner Spraytech 0518080- Best HVLP Spray Gun for Kitchen Cabinets

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking, Extra Container included

When searching for the best hvlp spray guns, the Wagner Spraytech control spray max hvlp sprayer should be the top considerations.

The Wagner spray gun has been made for the ultimate DIY application and will deliver a professional finish when utilized. It is designed with some pretty efficient and conveniently installed adjustable features that let you accurately actualize a DIY project.

This hvlp paint sprayer has been designed to atomize a wide variety of spraying materials from latex paint, polyurethane, enamel, chalk paints, milk paints, primers, and stains, among other materials.

Given the Wagner Spraytech control spray max hvlp sprayers’ compatibility with a wide variety of materials, most DIY projects can optimally be accomplished in significantly shorter periods than the traditional paintbrush methods or conventional paint spray guns while at the same time delivering a top-quality paint job.


Why is this product a top pick?

The Wagner Spraytech control spray max hvlp sprayer is considered the best home hvlp spray gun largely because of its application versatility for DIY projects.

Its compatibility with a wide range of materials and its conveniently adjustable settings, including the pattern control, allows for spray pattern adjustments through the horizontal, vertical, and horizontal patterns. This means you can optimally utilize the sprayer for a variety of different spray paint projects around the home.

This model features an excellent 20-foot hose and a lightweight spray gun that allows for effective and convenient coverage of projects and necessary access to surfaces that would otherwise be hard to reach.

The spray gun is of a lightweight and ergonomic design, advantageous for limiting fatigue-induced low-quality paint jobs.

  • Multipurpose application
  • Adjustable settings incorporated
  • Ergonomic design
  • There have been concerns about motor longevity

3. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2- Best Professional HVLP Sprayer for Cabinets

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, Blue

With the newly designed unique 2-stage bypass motor system, this fantastic spray gun can generate an impressive 1400 watts of power, securing the title of the top hvlp spray gun.

This is remarkable as other hvlp spray guns typically use low wattage motors and are prone to application while underpowered. The Fuji 2202 semi-pro 2 hvlp spray system has been designed for ultimate performance and optimal high-quality finishes during DIY projects.

Currently considered the most powerful 2-stage bypass motor is housed in a metal turbine casing that includes a convenient gun holder.

The spray gun is completed by a Fuji M-model professional spray gun, which features components such as a non-bleed spray gun, heat dissipation box, and the air pressure control knob that allows for necessary and relevant spray pattern adjustments.

Moreover, the turbines are quiet compared to other conventional and airless sprayers that perfectly provide your ear protection.


Why is this product a top pick?

The Fuji 2202 semi-pro hvlp spray gun is equipped with the Fuji M-model spray gun that has been effectively designed with professional features that include the non-bleed spray gun, heat dissipation chamber, and the fan control knob that allow for enhanced control and operational maneuverability.

It is considered one of the best professional hvlp spray guns mainly because of its design, precision calibrated to deliver quality and professional results.

This Fuji paint sprayers model is noticeably characterized by its newly introduced and high-performing 2-stage bypass motor system, which is noiseless, providing ear protection.

This is one of the kinds of hvlp systems that ensure enough power to atomize any from a wide variety of spraying materials.

With the Fuji 2202 semi-pro hvlp spray gun, there aren’t many projects a DIY enthusiast may choose to venture into.

  • Powerful and professional application
  • A high capacity fluid container
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portably lightweight
  • Adjustable features
  • Multipurpose use
  • It might not be optimally ideal for beginners

4. REXBETI Ultimate-750- Best Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun

REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun, Lightweight, Easy Spraying and Cleaning, 5-pcs Paint Strainers, 4 Nozzles(1 Nozzle has Already Been Installed on The Gun)

Several descriptors explain why this Rexbeti hvlp home spray gun is among the top electric hvlp paint sprayers.

The feature-rich construction ensures that you will achieve a professional finish whenever you use it. It features adjustable controls, including the material flow adjustable control that allows for convenient manipulation of how material flows during different stages of a project.

3 spray pattern adjustment control complements the 3 differently sized nozzles to deliver even for the most detailed DIY projects.

The Rexbeti high-powered hvlp home electric spray gun both look good and perform effectively to produce a desired standard of results.

In addition, it features an extra-long 6.6ft power cord and a lightweight spray gun handle that allows for optimal maneuverability and project coverage as the user has enhanced mobility to work with while spray painting.


Why is this product a top pick?

The Rexbeti high power hvlp spray gun is compatible with various materials and is operationally comfortable while being utilized.

This hvlp stands for different purposes, both indoor and outdoor projects. Using heavy-duty hvlp spray guns is considered to be more efficient due to their diverse operational application.

This Rexbeti model of hvlp spray guns is designed yet delivers a professional performance worthy of the top-level status.

Its operational understandability is optimal and does not require too much mastery. With the high-capacity bottom-feed fluid container, there is a minimized need for those time-consuming and exhausting refill trips.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Portably lightweight
  • Adjustable settings
  • 6.6ft long power cord for enhanced portability
  • The high capacity fluid container
  • Professional finish
  • Easy to use and wash
  • An upgrade on material consumption would be ideal

5. HomeRight C800971- Best HVLP Paint Sprayer for Furniture

HomeRight Finish Max Series Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer, Choose Between Quick Finish, Finish Max and Super Finish Max Spray Guns

It is designed for the ultimate DIY experience and will deliver a professional finish, even though you can also utilize it for beginner-level projects.

Able to be used in several projects, including both indoor and outdoor projects, the HomeRight hvlp paint sprayers could be the tool that delivers the perfect new looks for your home.

It boasts of conveniently included adjustable features, including the material flow adjustable control and the adjustable air cap setting that allows for pattern alternations whenever required or as desired for a particular project.

The powerful turbine unit motor delivers a sufficient and efficient 450 watts of power comfortably capable of spraying any from a wide variety of different viscosity materials.

The HomeRight finish max has superior design and performance, making it one of the best hvlp spray guns.


Why is this product a top pick?

The HomeRight finish max hvlp spray guns model, just like the other HomeRight hvlp spray guns, has been designed to be applicable across a wide range of DIY projects.

The 3 differently sized brass spray tips, adjustable spray pattern control knob, and the incorporated powerful turbine motor, which delivers an adequate 450watts of power, allow this model to be ideal for optimal use during various projects.

In terms of the Paint Gun, this HomeRight product is considered one of the best hvlp spray guns due to its easy operational understandability and ergonomic design.

With conveniently included and accessible adjustable settings to enhance operational effectiveness, this spray gun can be optimally used by beginners and professionals while achieving the perfect finish in both scenarios.

  • Portably lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Brass paint spray tips for an enhanced quality finish
  • High-capacity fluid container
  • Adjustable settings
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Multipurpose application
  • Requires different cleaning methods depending on the material used

6. Graco Magnum 257025- Best HVLP Sprayer for Lacquer

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Graco is well renowned for its paint sprayers designs and its endeavors in creating the best hvlp spray guns for wood finishing to be optimally used on DIY spray painting projects.

The Graco magnum project painter plus paint sprayer expresses a professional look while delivering a powerful and quality performance equal to the best professional standards. It is an adequately featured and designed paint sprayer ideal for all paint spraying projects, including even the most intricate ones.

This is primarily because of its compatibility with a vast range of materials, including thick unthinned materials. Coupled up with the fact that it has been designed to allow for convenient access to difficult-to-reach areas, this model could be the best paint sprayer for you.


Why is this product a top pick?

The Graco magnum project painter is impressively designed and stands out pretty significantly due to its superior design.

It comes with adjustable features such as the material flow control that lets the user determine material flow at any given time. A RAC IV switch tip is conveniently included that allows for a quick unclogging whenever the tip clogs up during a project with thicker paint.

This paint sprayer comes with a convenient PowerFlush adapter, which allows for a quick and easy cleaning procedure after use by simply connecting the adapter to a garden hose. Therefore, no need for any cleaning brush.

This paint sprayer by Graco comes with a 50ft paint hose to go along with the portably lightweight build of the spray gun for a conveniently maneuverable DIY project.

This paint sprayer makes it possible to paint even the toughest to reach surfaces, including high ceilings, walls, and fences, among other surfaces. Professionals highly favor it even though beginners can optimally utilize it for an ultimate paint spraying experience.

The Graco magnum project painter plus paint sprayer hvlp guns are designed to optimally utilize up to 110volts of power to deliver a professional finish regardless of the project.

These hvlp spray guns are adequate to effectively spray a wide variety of materials, including unthinned materials and latex paints. It is, therefore, the ideal hvlp paint sprayers for different applications and projects.

  • Professional finish delivery
  • Adjustable controls, including material flow control
  • 50ft paint hose for enhanced portability and maneuverability
  • Multipurpose application
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compatible with unthinned material
  • Compatible with high-pressure tips
  • Easy to clean
  • Capable of spraying directly from the bucket
  • Not optimally ideal for small projects

7. Graco Magnum 262805 X7- Best Automotive HVLP Spray Gun For the Money

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer, Gray

Another paint sprayer from Graco and yet another effective hvlp spray painter. The Graco magnum cart airless sprayer has been designed to be the best hvlp airless spray gun for cars.

The Magnum X7 metal spray gun comes with superior design features, including the RAC IV tip switch that allows for seamless and continuous material flow, the stainless-steel piston pump that provides for optimal compatibility with a wide variety of materials, including unthinned paint material, and the conveniently flexible suction tube which allows for spraying right from a 1-5gallon bucket.

The Graco Magnum X7 paint sprayer is an ideal paint sprayer for large projects, including multiple story homes, thanks to the sprayers’ portable cart design and the included 100ft paint hose that allows for convenient access to far and hard to reach places.


Why is this product a top pick?

The Graco Magnum X7 features a portable cart design and compatibility with a good 100ft long paint hose that allows for optimal maneuverability and convenient access to places that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

This makes the Graco X7 ideal for large projects, including multi-story building paint projects. The cart design makes the paint spray conveniently mobile, allowing for faster and more efficient application.

This Graco model has been built for ultimate DIY performance. The SG2 spray gun is effectively equipped with adjustable controls and provisionally designed to be compatible with differently sized nozzles for a versatile performance.

In addition, the Graco Magnum X7 is also equipped with a paint cup and stainless steel piston pump, which allows for effective spraying of unthinned material from a wide selection of thick material. This significantly reduces the complexities involved with getting the right solution viscosity before application.

With hvlp spray systems and features such as the paint flow rate control, the RAC IV switch tip, and the Power Flush adapter, the Graco Magnum X7 gives you enhanced control over the paint sprayer’s operational functions.

Moreover, you can conveniently manipulate paint flow as desired or as the project requires while continuously working with minimal interruptions and a quick and fast cleaning procedure after use.

  • Multipurpose application
  • Enhanced portability
  • Continuous application
  • Up to 125 gallons per year recommended use
  • Power Flush adapter integrated for easy cleaning
  • Flexible suction tube for direct spraying from a bucket
  • Quick and effective application
  • Multi-story home application
  • There have been concerns about its long-term operational reliability

8. Neiko 31215A- Best Mini HVLP Paint Sprayer for Latex Paint

NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun | 1.7 mm Nozzle Size | 600 cc | Air Gauge Regulator

Arguably the best hvlp spray gun under $100, the Neiko hvlp gravity feed air spray gun has both of superior design and superior performance with paint output. It is powerfully built and boasts of some of the most compelling features required for the ultimate DIY experience.

Featuring an all-steel one body stainless steel body, solid brass cap, and a rust-resistant stainless-steel nozzle, this model promises to be of operational relevance for a significantly long time. This is quite impressive, considering it is favorably priced at an affordable below $100.

Like Neiko 31216a, this spray gun is designed with 3 conveniently adjustable air control valve knobs that are precision calibrated to deliver the perfect finish while optimally being utilized.

The gravity material feed design allows for a 40psi operational pressure, a 10psi working pressure, and average air consumption of 4.5cfm. This effectively makes the Neiko hvlp gravity feed air spray gun the best low cfm high volume low pressure spray gun.


Why is this product a top pick?

It is designed for heavy-duty applications and versatile applications thanks to its durable all-steel and aluminum viscosity cup build. This, complemented by the sprayers’ ability to spray a wide variety of materials, makes it ideal for multiple projects.

With 3 conveniently adjustable material flow control knobs to enhance material flow manipulation, complemented by solid brass precision calibrated nozzles, the Neiko hvlp gravity feed spray gun allows for defined applications and an ideal material discharge for the perfect and professional finish.

  • Heavy-duty and multipurpose functioning
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced adjustable settings
  • Wide range of material compatibility
  • Professional and quality finish
  • Portably lightweight
  • Standard hose connection not provided

9. TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer- Best HVLP Spray Gun for Polyurethane

Paint Sprayer 1200W with 2PCS 1200ML Detachable containers, Spray Flow 1100ml/min, 3 Copper nozzles, Universal Wheels, air Hose 3.5m- SGP17AC

This will probably be an ideal consideration for your project if you look for the best hvlp spray gun for a clear coat. Getting a paint job done quickly and effectively while delivering the perfect high-quality finish has never been this easy and convenient, using the Tacklife 800w hvlp spray gun.

Perhaps the most impressive highlighting feature that characterizes this automotive paint gun would be the high capacity 1200ml fluid container (2), which can be conveniently refilled whenever required during a project. The 3 copper built nozzles are precision calibrated designed for enhanced thinned material spraying.

The superior yet operationally understandable design makes the paint sprayer the best low cfm hvlp spray gun ideal for all home projects.

The Tacklife 800w hvlp spray gun is just as easy to use as it is to clean after a productive DIY project. This is owing to the models’ all removable parts, which makes this hvlp paint gun easier to clean the independent parts while understanding where and how each part works.


Why is this product a top pick?

The fully detachable components of the Tacklife 800w hvlp spray gun highlights its superior design and complements the integrated features, including the adjustable material and pattern flow.

As a unit, this spray gun delivers the perfect finish in a relatively shorter time while optimally utilizing unthinned materials, including sealers and stains.

A first look at the Tacklife 800w hvlp paint sprayer will satisfy your need for a stylish paint gun. It is highlighted by an orange and black color that expresses a sleek look.

It also features a 5.9ft long power cord and an equally lengthy 5.9ft air hose attached to the sprayer to enhance its convenient maneuverability during a project.

  • Easy to use and wash
  • Portably lightweight
  • Replaceable parts unavailable

10. Earlex HV5500- Best Budget HVLP Spray Gun

Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer for Woodworking and Furniture Refinishing, 2-Stage Turbine, HVLP Spray Gun, Spray Gun, HVLP Turbine Sprayer

One of the significant demands witnessed in the DIY market has been the need for hvlp paint sprayers that can be of optimal portable functionality. The Earlex HV5500 paint sprayers are the best cheap hvlp spray guns owing to their versatile application and enhanced mobile nature.

These spray guns are optimally designed for effective use on various projects, including woodwork projects and automotive paint projects, among other projects.

It features an onboard compartment for ample storage of the pro spray guns. This Earlex HV5500 is a semi-pro hvlp spray painter featuring a 650watt turbine and a metal sprayer gun, enhancing performance while maintaining comfortable maneuverability.

Its compatibility with a wide variety of paint material and its convenient design with adjustable settings and air compressor make this model an ideal tool for small to medium-sized DIY spray painting projects.

Why is this product a top pick?

The Earlex HV5500 paint sprayer is a semi-pro paint sprayer designed to deliver a professional finish optimally while being utilized for different projects.

From woodworking, ceiling, and wall painting to automotive paint projects, the HV5500 has you covered better than other hvlp sprayers.

This Earlex HV5500 features a powerful 650w turbine, which is ideal for small to medium-sized paint spraying projects.

The robust performance is complemented by effective adjustable features, including a material control setting and pattern control options that enhance the professional and quality finish.

  • Powerful performance
  • Professional finish
  • Multipurpose application
  • Portably lightweight
  • Versatile functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Not ideal for unthinned material

Buyers Guide

What is an HVLP paint sprayer?

An HVLP paint sprayer is a specially designed paint sprayer that utilizes high-volume low-pressure technology to atomize spray material using an hvlp turbine for the perfect finish to a project.

An Hvlp paint sprayer substitutes a brush that air pumped from an air compressor or turbine atomize paint.

How to Setup and Use HVLP Spray Guns

It is relatively easy to set up and make the necessary preparations before using a seasoned DIY enthusiast. This is because hvlp spray guns are simply designed than conventional spray guns, and the components are understandably designed.

There are a few steps involved while setting up an hvlp spray gun and its optimal use. These steps include:


This step includes the initial preparation before the use of the paint spray gun for a given project. This involves choosing the correct air supply, picking the appropriate spray tip size, nozzle, and correctly placing the tip.


This stage involves your assessment as well as the necessary setting up of the project area or workspace.

You would first need to tape some masking paper to the wall. Next, find your paint gun’s inlet and set the pressure using the regulator.

While the air volume is still pulled, the control knob air volume should be closed.

Next, open the fan control knob. As a rule of thumb, when the gun is about 6 inches away from a surface, the fan should be about six inches tall.

Next, turn the material knob and aim the gun at the masking paper you’ve taped to the wall. The gun should be about 6 inches away from the paper.

Now, pull the trigger, but do not hold it down for a long time – less than a second is plenty. You should see a cigar-shaped pattern appear on the masking paper. Make sure that the pattern is about 9-10 inches long.

The coverage should look full in the center, and it should fade away as you go to the edges.


Setting the compressed air pressure and volume could take some trial and error.

As a rule of thumb, make sure your spray fan is about 6 inches tall. Adjust it with the fan control knob, usually located at the top of your gun if it isn’t.

Your material knob should be on top of your gun as well. Setting your material knob can also take some practice, though most should be unscrewed about 2.5 turns for optimal performance.

How Does An HVLP Paint Sprayer Work?

An hvlp paint sprayer is essentially equipped with the most recent technology to utilize high-volume low-pressure technology to atomize material for the perfect finish. Compared to hvlp, the piston pressurizes the material in airless paint sprayers, which sprays out of a hole.

The hvlp paint sprayer uses a gravity feed or a siphon to change liquid paint to multiple tiny droplets, easily spread on that surface you are painting with minimal waste.

It works under low pressure, ranging from 10-20psi. The HVLP paint sprayer has a reservoir from where the paint is acted upon by the air compressor triggering the thin paint to flow down due to gravitational pull.

For the HVLP sprayers to work efficiently, you ought to get the settings right. You need to be cautious about the size of the fan, paint flow, and air pressure.

In most cases, air pressure ranging from 30-50psi is recommended. As the air pressure increases, less paint droplets are formed, which can lead to an overspray. This is a common scenario with harbor freight designs.

With a fan, you can determine the paint pattern of any conventional spray gun. A wider fan provides less distribution of paint when spraying. This means you will have to spray one area over and over again to get a perfect finish.

Last but not least, you need to ensure the paint flows well. You can set the paint flow manually until you have an air cap installed for any latex paint or chalk paint.

How to choose the best hvlp paint sprayer for home use?

Wood makes for a versatile surface to work with. It is pretty much like a canvas waiting for an artist to express their artistic ideas through a fluid nozzle.

There are some considerations to be made as you browse for new hvlp guns for home use. These considerations include:


You will need to get yourself an hvlp spray gun that is, at the very least compatible with thinned material.

An airless paint sprayer is convenient for large and flat surfaces; however woodworking project needs fine finishing that only a hvlp gun can serve. But, choose your material thoughtfully.

Depending on your choice of material for your woodworking project, it is critical to the success of your project that you get a spray gun that is compatible with your chosen material.


It is ideal, convenient, and time-effective during the project if you don’t have to make unnecessary refill trips unnecessarily drag the project duration. It would, therefore, be advantageous if you got yourself a woodworking spray gun with an optimal high-capacity fluid container or viscosity cup.


Given the advantageous versatility of word as an ideal surface for a DIY paint project, it would only be natural and optimally ideal if you acquired an hvlp spray gun kit designed with equally effective adjustable and selectable options like the spray pattern adjustable control, which most times than not come in three options, Round, vertical and horizontal fan patterns.

Picking Best HVLP Spray Gun Under $200 for you

Choosing a better spray gun is always tricky. However, our hvlp paint sprayer reviews are here for you.

We believe that the Tacklife hvlp spray painter would be the ideal choice for you as a hvlp spray gun.

This has a great deal to do with its highly attributed design, making the sprayer perform exceptionally well and function optimally.

It features a high-capacity fluid container and an adequate paint horse, and an appropriately lengthy power cord for enhanced portability. It is completed by an ergonomic design perfect for a DIY enthusiast looking to successfully and effectively complete their spray-painting project.