How To Choose The Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

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  Making your own car paint lets you save a lot of money, spaint guno finding the best automotive paint gun for beginners makes sense.

Painting is no longer just a professional job – with the right tools and some practice, anyone can achieve great results. This article will provide tips on how to choose the right sprayer for you as well as a look at some of the best paint guns for beginners.

Devilbiss 704504


Devilbiss 704504 DV1-B Basecoat Digital Uncupped HVLP (1.2,1.3,1.4)

  • Stainless steel needle
  • Comes with an air regulator
  • Best for clear coats
  • Anodized body and internal passages
Fuji 2202

Budget Friendly

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, Blue

  • Cleaning kit included
  • Suitable for applying base coats, clear coats, and other light-to-medium viscosity materials
  • Metal turbine case
  • 35 ft. hose length

Editors Pick

ANEST IWATA KIWAMI4-13BA4 1.3mm Spray Gun without Cup

  • Superior atomization
  • Color-coded 2.0 mm nozzle size is perfect for clear coats
  • Professional finish

When you have a little bit of time and love your vehicle, you might be intrigued by the prospect of working on it by yourself.

The best automotive paint gun for beginners would be a good tool to start if you want to master the essential techniques required for the ultimate automotive paint job.

Best Automotive Paint Gun Reviews in 2021

Here we are taking a look at the list of ten best automotive paint gun for beginners reviews that have all the potential of being your partner in the next car paint job.

1. Fuji Spray 5175G For Base Coats- best paint sprayer for automotive

Fuji Spray 5175G - T75G Gravity Spray Gun

The first one is one of the newest additions to the automotive paint gun brands on our list of beginner auto paint guns. A vast number of car owners find it effortless to do any type of car painting task with the best automotive clear coat spray gun.

The Fuji T75G gravity spray gun base coats has been built for high-efficiency performance and longevity in automotive painting.

It’s designed to be understandable and easy to master, so it’s perfect for beginners. Plus, the minimum paint waste means you can save money in the long run.

The dominant stainless steel design, complemented by a lightweight and comfortable feel while in operational function, allows the automotive paint guns for beginners to optimally accomplish automotive paint spray projects or household painting projects significantly quicker than other automotive paint guns.

It features a stay-cool nylon handle over a metal tube for a comfortable feel while operating it. An eye-catching highlight included on the Fuji T75G gravity spay gun base coats would be the conveniently fitted side adjustable pattern control, allowing the user to alternate from a large or small size fan pattern for the desired coat.



Thanks to its ergonomic design and the 100% stainless steel fluid components, the Fuji spray T75G gravity spray gun makes a great-looking but has superior performance and cleans easily after use in automotive painting.

These automotive paint guns are lightweight models with nylon stay-cool handle that gives its user optimal maneuverability and comfort during automotive painting jobs.

The Fuji T75G auto spray gun has been designed with user convenience in mind. The material flow adjustment knob is thoughtfully placed on the side of the gun for easy access, and the gun is designed for optimal operational function. This makes the Fuji T75G auto spray gun a great choice for anyone looking for a user-friendly and reliable gun.

It is credited to the effective incorporation of such conveniently attached and easily accessible mechanisms that give the user enhanced control over the workings of this budget paint gun.

  • Comes with an air tank and has a high volume and low pressure feature
  • Its paint spray quality is unrivaled
  • 20 oz cup for detail work and regular old touch-ups
  • The turbine system is highly efficient and provides great atomization

2. Critter 22032 118SG

Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun

If you are looking for an ideal spray gun for the automotive industry, critter spray products would undoubtedly be an excellent choice. And you will love this 22032 118SG critter car spray gun.

The Critter gun is a simple yet effective and efficient that you can adaptably utilize for a wide variety of automotive painting projects and other home paint spraying jobs.

These best automotive paint guns come with an attachable mason jar that can be conveniently alternated with another fitting jar depending on particular project requirements and spray patterns.

Critter’s auto body spray kit is an air compressor mounted spray gun that requires 3 cfm at 90 psi for optimal function. The attached 16 ounce Mason jar has a multitude of choices for paint types from latex to stain and others.

You can easily stock up on backup paint containers and larger sizes too since it holds 16oz mason jar lids.

Critter Spray


The Critter siphon gun has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of painting materials, including oil and water-based materials.

This makes these best automotive paint guns ideal for several large projects, from automobiles and small to medium-sized home projects.

With this model, you can accomplish projects quickly and efficiently for the perfect professional finish.

There are not many complications with the design of the Critter siphon gun. These automotive paint guns for beginners come with an easily attachable and detachable 16-ounce Mason jar that allows quick set-up and application.

Your painting needs are in good hands with Critter 22032 118SG. Its simple design allows for ease of use and cleaning after use as there is minimal contact between the gun and material from the attached Mason jar.

  • It allows you to perform detail work and basic touch-ups
  • Impressive paint finishes
  • Allows the user to spray a variety of paint materials
  • The package does not include cleaning equipment

3. Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 HVLP Gravity Feed- best automotive hvlp spray gun

Devilbiss 704504 DV1-B Basecoat Digital Uncupped HVLP (1.2,1.3,1.4)

The Devilbiss automotive paint guns are rightly considered premium automotive sprayer paint guns due to their superior design, which enhances their performance. It is perfect for both professional and DIY use, and it provides a great finish in a variety of work environment.

You will love this devilbiss finishline solvent-based hvlp gravity feed sprayer for its atomization technology derived from the newly incorporated hvlp Finishline 4 series by Devilbiss. It ensures a superior and professional finish to an automotive.

The Devilbiss spray gun kit comes with a precision machined air cap and fluid ispray nozzle to deliver the best possible results.

These automotive paint guns for beginners and their internal design is made of anodized material, making them pretty easy and convenient after use.

The three tips allow for optimal use of the fluid, while the pressure control valve allows for adjustable material flow.

Paasche Airbrush


The Devilbiss has been intricately designed to deliver a powerful and efficient performance.

Among its most impressive features would be its anodized interior passages, which enhance fluid flow and facilitate easy cleaning after use. The air cap and fluid nozzle are precision-machined for a smooth and professional finish.

An air-adjustable valve with a conveniently incorporated gauge in select models of automotive paint sprayer provides enhanced control over the functionalities of the hvlp sprayer.

The easily accessible and understandable adjustable settings included offer users optimal maneuverability and controlled usage during projects.


  • The three included nozzle sizes make it versatile for different projects
  • Its HVLP system ensures a high transfer efficiency
  • Ensures even paint thickness when used with solvent
  • Suitable for topcoats and base coats
  • It does require a high level of air volume in order for the task to be completed effectively

4. Wagner Spraytech 529013- best paint spray gun for automotive

Wagner Spraytech 0529013 Detail Finish Front End Kit, Fine, Applies a Fine Finish on Furniture, Cabinets and Trim, Use with most Wagner HVLP Sprayers

For the best spray gun for automotive paint, only the Wagner Flexio will do. Wagner models will be compatible with this model, and it will deliver professional results.

The Wagner Spraytech spray kit is capable of spraying thin material ranging from water to oil-based materials. The detail-finish front-end nozzle tip accessory of this best automotive spray gun for the money delivers a smooth, consistent, and professional finish perfect for automobiles and other projects, including small to medium-sized home projects.

This machine has some useful integrated controls, such as the material flow adjustment, which makes paint application more convenient and precise.



This model’s compatibility with most other Wagner models, especially the Flexio models, makes it perfect for any Wagner spray paint tool enthusiast for auto painting.

It is also compatible with a wide range of materials for essentially all home projects, including your automotive paint spraying projects.

Wagner Spraytech features a lock-n-go type design that allows for a quick and simple set-up. As a result, it is regarded as the best model to use, as it poses a minimal amount of complexity and difficulty in its operational functioning.

  • Both spray nozzles provided excellent results
  • This product is astonishingly fast, with a flow rate of 750ml per minute
  • Cleaning equipment is included to ensure your sprayer stays clean
  • There are three spray settings the user can choose from: vertical, horizontal, and circular
  • Not Recommended for smooth painting job
  • The power cord is only 6 feet long

5. Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000- best hvlp spray gun for automotive

Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun, 1.0 mm

If you’re looking for the best automotive spray paint gun, this car paint sprayer is the one for you. It’s powerful, powerfully designed, and delivers up to 30 pounds of pressure per square inch for various spray patterns. It’s perfect for any automotive painting project thanks to its precision and versatility.

With this kind of impressive performance and power, automotive paint spraying projects are bound to be efficient, quick, and of the highest quality with this hvlp gun.

Graco-Sharpe hvlp FX3000 spray gun kit is adequately equipped with necessary adjustable settings along with an aluminum fluid container for an all-round performance making this model the ideal tool for your car painting project.

The aluminum fluid container allows for convenient and easy cleaning after use and in preparation for the next project.



I like the design and the functionalities of its operation and spray pattern. Both can be applied relatively easily, and it has an understandable design.

Ideal for paint spraying technique and skill enhancement, this model can deliver quality, smooth and consistent finish without any strenuous efforts put into the whole exercise.

Graco-Sharpe FX3000 hvlp paint spray gun can atomize a wide range of materials, including water and oil-based materials.

This best auto paint gun optimally utilizes the efficient high volume, low-pressure technology, HVLP, to deliver the smoothest and most consistent finish on any automotive surface.

The compatibility of this aluminum spray gun with a wide variety of thinned materials allows the hvlp spray guns to be usefully applied in most paint job or home DIY paint spraying projects.

So, is the Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 the best hvlp automotive paint gun? It’s certainly a contender. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that gives good results, this could be your best bet.

  • The paint container swivels, so you can easily maneuver it around obstacles
  • There are different tip sizes available
  • Works with most air compressors, so you don’t need a special one

6. Tekna 703517- best hvlp automotive spray gun

BEETRO HVLP Professional Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun Automotive, Type 2.0 Adapter, 1000ml Capacity, 14.5CFM, 30-43psi, 1.4mm/1.8mm Stainless Steel Nozzles with Air Control Valve and Filter

The tekna prolite spray gun kit is one of the best automotive paint spray gun available in the market. It comes incorporated with some pretty impressive features explicitly developed for optimal paint spraying projects no matter if it is latex paint or any other paint material.

The TE20/HV30 high efficiency hvlp air caps, digital gauge with an air adjusting valve (HAV-555), as well as the gun wrench and color ID ring, characterize this model’s design superiority as well as the diversity of the spray patterns.

Tekna Prolite fluid tip spray gun both looks appealing and performs effectively for an ultimate DIY experience.

Its superior design is complemented by appropriately included features that further enhance the performance of the hvlp spray guns.

These features include the incorporated fluid tips and the paint gun’s compatibility with a wide variety of spray materials.



This gravity feed spray gun was designed to provide a comfortable, flexible, and optimally maneuverable experience in its application.

It’s optimally ideal for solvent-based heavy viscosity coatings and as well perfect for a waterborne latex paint. You can utilize this modellized for not only automotive projects but as well other home paint spraying projects. For a fast, efficient, and effective automotive paint spraying project, this compressor gun model has you covered.

With features such as the installed three air caps for alternating pattern choices whenever needed and its ability to be utilized under varying climatic conditions, including both humid and hot conditions, this model will deliver a top-quality finish even under the most unfavorable conditions. It evenly spreads the paint, so there is no unattractive overspray layer. 

  • Aluminum Paint container
  • The high air pressure rating makes it able to withstand extended workloads
  • Adapts to every weather conditions
  • There is an air regulator with a gauge on it
  • Not suitable for latex paints

7. Astro 4008- best budget automotive paint gun

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun with Cup - Red Handle 1.8mm Nozzle

With its versatility as well as ability to deliver superior performance within an affordable price range, the Astro Pneumatic paint gun is a worthy contender for several special awards.

It features a relatively simple design and an adequately sized suction feed cup that facilitates the paint gun with any form among the wide variety of materials it is compatible with.

Built-in die-cast aluminum alloy material that gives the spray guns optimal durability and a longer operational lifespan.

It is perfect for automobile projects that require rubberized undercoat, base coat, clear coat, rust proofing, chip guard paint, and tuck bed liner coating, among other functions, it is applicable with.



The Astro Pneumatic spray gun has been built for ultimate automotive paint spraying projects and will be of service for a long time.

This spray paint gun comes with a longer operational life compared to other models of hvlp or lvlp spray gun. The lvlp gun uses a lower volume of air from the air compressor than any hvlp sprayer system.

It is a well-balanced precision calibrated metal spray gun designed for an automotive paint project. Its pneumatic air pressure application gun comes with an easy-to-grip handle and an adequately sized fluid container limiting those inconvenient and time-consuming refill trips.

It has been designed to be applicable for various projects owing to its versatile maneuverability and functionality.


  • The lightweight aluminum cup that is easy to move
  • An air control valve used to reduce overspray
  • The non-bleed technology grants it a superior setting that ensures the best finishing touch
  • Customizable paint fan width
  • 1.8 mm nozzle size for precise applications


  • Lacks a high volume capacity

8. TCP Global Brand HVLP Set- best professional automotive paint gun

TCP Global Complete Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun Set with 2 Full Size Spray Guns, 1 Detail Spray Gun, Inline Filter & Air Regulator

The high performance and high quality 3 gun set utilize the HVLP (high volume and low pressure) technology for enhanced material atomization for an enhanced and professional finish.

No wonder the tcp global made its way into the list of best automotive paint gun for beginners.

In terms of quality, performance, affordability, and a manageable price tag, TCP global brand hvlp spray gun kit can easily compete with many other models in its class.

This is mainly due to its compatibility with a wide spectrum of coatings and the appropriately sized nozzles that effectively discharge material as required.



3 painting guns are better than one. Not only do they increase performance efficiency but as well provide different options for an enhanced painting session.

You can use three different fluid tips for different coatings. The 1.4 and 1.8mm fluid tip guns, along with the 1.0mm detail tip gun, will deliver a superb finish even to the most detailed of surfaces.

Highlighting adjustable features that enhance this paint gun’s operational effectiveness include an incorporated locking air pressure regulator and a material flow control that conveniently lets the user determine ideal material discharge.

The TCP global brand HVLP spray gun also comes with a repair maintenance paint gun kit that allows for appropriate and mechanical repairs whenever necessary.


  • The set includes 3 spray guns, different sized paint hoppers, thread tape, and cleaning supplies
  • Nice aluminum paint cup
  • Includes a variety of fluid tips
  • Effortless cleaning process
  • A wide variety of nozzle sizes are available to cater to different projects
  • Adjustable operating pressure range of 29 psi to 51 psi


  • Incompatible with latex paints

9. Master Pro 44- best paint gun for automotive

Master Pro 44 Series High Performance HVLP Spray Gun with 1.3mm Tip with Air Pressure Regulator Gauge - Ideal for Automotive Basecoats, Clearcoats - Advanced Atomization Technology

From its ergonomic and sleek design to its high performance, the Master Pro 44 spray gun has everything you are looking for.

These paint spray guns incorporate high volume and low pressure technology (HVLP) to deliver atomized material for a superior and professional finish.

Designed for automotive refinish touch-ups, among other projects, this car paint gun utilizes its gravity feed gun design to maximally minimize material wastage and allow for subsequent easy cleaning after use.



The Master Pro 44 spray gun without a paint cup is equipped with a 1.4mm fluid nozzle and an incorporated LV atomizing technology, as well as the tulip-inspired spray pattern for a perfectly consistent and professional finish.

These impressive features are topped off with the high performance integrated high volume and low pressure system that delivers atomized material for enhanced results.

This best paint gun model leaves close to no wasted material after a productive paint spraying project with a high-performance center post gravity feed gun design. It as well allows for convenient and easy cleaning of the paint gun after use.

This makes the Master Pro 44 capable of operational versatility and can be used for different projects. You can buy the majority of the accessories you need for this gun at a great price point.


  • The paint container swivels, so you can easily maneuver it around obstacles
  • Optimize it for high flow rate and low air pressure
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Adjustable air pressures


  • Purchasing replacement parts is an ongoing expense.

10. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP- Best Turbine Paint sprayer for automotive

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, Blue

Built to meet professional standards yet optimally applicable by beginners just as much as it is professionally applicable, the Fuji 2202 Gravity feed model spray gun is arguably the best paint gun for automotive paint.

It features probably the most powerful 2-stage bypass motor system capable of delivering a considerable 1400watts worth of power for these hvlp spray guns.

The M-model spray gun incorporates some impressive features, including non-bleed and a conveniently placed fan control knob for necessary pattern alterations.

The M-model spray gun has been designed to be convertible from a gravity feed spray gun to a below feed spray gun depending on the particular project being worked on.

This make the Fuji 2202 semi-pro 2 hvlp spray gun versatile and ideal for a wide variety of projects as well as detailed projects. This Fuji model is an excellent value for money due to its high level of performance, steady paint flow, addition to its convenient portability, and ample material capacity.



The Fuji 2202 is undeniably one of the best automotive paint gun for beginners designed to deliver a professional finish through its powerful 2-stage motor system that is probably the most powerful available.

This makes the paint gun ideal for significant automotive projects even though it can optimally be utilized by beginners looking.

The conveniently placed adjustable features offer enhanced control over the gun’s functioning, while the spray guns convertible ability makes this particular model superior.

This airless sprayer model incorporates the use of a 25-foot air hose that allows for enhanced maneuverability and access to tough angles during a project. Its design also allows for easy cleaning after use and before alternating material in preparation for different projects.

This complete package includes a cleaning kit, air cap set, filters, and a 6-foot hose for producing the finest paint finish.


  • There’s a two-stage spray system and adjustable controls
  • Featuring a large tip size, it provides quick and even coverage
  • It has a large compressor capacity, great for larger projects
  • They’re more efficient and require less air pressure


Quick FAQ’s

1. What is an automotive paint gun?

An automotive paint gun is essentially a paint gun specifically designed for optimal operational use on automotive surfaces.

An automotive paint gun has you covered for a wide variety of automotive paint projects, from car paint jobs to retouch coats and undercoating.

2. Types of Automotive Paint Guns

There are several types of spray guns that have been specially designed for application on automotive projects.

Some models can also optimally be utilized for various other projects apart from automotive projects due to their convenient compatibility with a wide variety of spraying materials. Types of best automotive paint gun for beginners include:


These spray guns utilize HVLP, High Volume Low Pressure technology where they effectively use low material pressure for a high pressure delivery during projects.


These paint sprayers require high pressures for optimal atomization of material that is consistently delivered through the precision designed nozzles for a perfect finish.


These paint guns are essentially named gravity feed guns because the fluid container facilitates the paint gun on an upside-down basis and allows for minimal wastage of material during projects.

In this type of gun, paint is supplied by gravity, and then atomized and pushed out through a nozzle using compressed air.


Combining the use of a paint gun and an air compressor, these paint guns are widely utilized by amateurs owing to their relatively understandable operational functioning.

In addition, compressed air sprayers can be used to create as many different coats on the exterior of your car as you want


These paint sprayers are generally priced and utilize their incorporated Low Volume Low Pressure technology to provide the perfect finish without too many complex functional procedures.


3. Which Type Of Paint Gun Is Ideal For Cars?

One of the most critical steps, when you decide to spray paint a car is choosing the right sprayer.

The best auto paint gun for beginners is what you need since it has all the significant features that will enhance your painting, and that’s what you need for your DIY project. But first, you have to put some factors into serious consideration while assessing paint guns work.

Depending on the type of project due to be worked on, the most ideal sprayer for painting cars would be airless paint sprayer which utilize high pressures to atomize materials and deliver a smooth, consistent and professional finish on cars.

There are however a couple of considerations to make before getting a sprayer for cars including your budget allocation for this tool and the nature of the project to be handled with that spray gun system.

4. How to Paint Your Car with sprayer

Learning how to paint your car with a sprayer can be quite a daunting task if you have nothing or nobody to guide you.

This is why in most cases, an instruction manual is included in the best automotive paint gun for beginners to provide detailed steps and procedures on how to complete a car paint job optimally.

There are several steps involved in painting a car using a sprayer. These are a highlight of the steps involved in car painting using a sprayer;

  • Protective gear equipping
  • Car scrubbing
  • Appropriate and necessary filling of dents and cracks with appropriate fillers
  • Material appropriate thinning
  • Actual coating
  • Sprayer cleaning
  • DIY projects are getting more and more manageable due to the automation and design simplification of tools to be utilized for enhanced understandability and ease of use.

5. How to Buy the Right Automotive Sprayer for Beginners?

Beginners looking to venture into paint spraying have a wide variety of paint guns to choose from that will optimally enhance their technique levels.

There are a few factors to consider before getting an automobile sprayer if you are a beginner to get the best possible results. These factors include; budget considerations, skill and knowledge level, project nature, and frequency of utility of the sprayer, among other concerns.

Once these considerations are satisfactorily taken into account, the closest product to match those specifications is probably the most ideal automotive sprayer for a beginner.

6. Tips and Tricks of Using Automotive Spray Guns

Truth be told, you just won’t get to know how to use the automotive spray gun within a snap.

A quick and reliable run-through on how to use this equipment will be helpful. Not only will you use the paint sprayer well but also enhance your spray-painting prowess.

So, depending on your spray gun’s model and developer’s design, some specific techniques and tricks could help enhance the whole experience of its operational use.

There are however a few tips that ensure your paint sprayer optimally work and maintain a longer productive lifespan. These tips include

1st: Appropriately thinning thick painting materials for the best possible finish and operational functioning,

2nd: Cleaning the sprayer immediately after use to avoid staining or contamination of materials with previously used materials or thinners,

3rd: Using compatible brand components for optimal functioning

4th: Using compatible spraying materials

5th: Using incorporated adjustable materials for an enhanced and quality finish

These tips will enhance your DIY experience and ensure the skill and technique growth for beginners looking to excel in paint spraying.

7. How to clean the best automotive spray gun for beginners perfectly?

Proper and appropriate cleaning of paint sprayers is critical to its optimal functional operation. This prevents inappropriate contamination of previously used materials or thinners while allowing for proper storage and effective future usage.

Furthermore, with proper cleaning, the paint sprayer will be able to serve you for quite a long time, considering that there will be no dirt to jeopardize its functionality.

Therefore, no need of having to spend a lot of money on repairing, maintaining or even buying a new paint sprayer when you can just keep it optimally functional by cleaning it using air pressure.

There are several steps involved in the proper and effective cleaning of a paint sprayer. These steps include:

First: Set up your cleaning bucket containing cleaner material based on either utilized water-based material or oil-based spraying materials

Second: Exhaustively clear out any of the remaining paint from the sprayer

Third: Clean any and all included filters including the suction, manifold, and pencil gun filters.

Fourth: Thoroughly clean the nozzles by repeatedly spraying through them cleaning materials until they are satisfactorily clean.

Fifth: Scrub the gun with the otherwise provided cleaning brush

Sixth: Thoroughly and intricately wipe it dry in preparation for proper storage

8. What is the average life expectancy of a good automotive sprayer?

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, Blue

The life expectancy of a good automotive sprayer would largely depend on its frequency of use and the level and standard of maintenance.

Different spray paint guns have been designed for other uses and to be optimally functional under certain conditions.

If a paint spray gun is effectively maintained and its components maintained and adequately serviced while the sprayer is kept clean and dry whenever not in use, then that particular paint sprayer is bound to perform optimally for as long as its core parts don’t wear out.

9. What size air compressor is required to operate paint guns?

The size of the air compressor that you need to use is dependent on two factors: its power and what kind of sprayer it will be operated. For example, if your sprayer has a 4 horsepower motor then I would recommend getting one with at least 5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) CFMs; this means more than enough airflow for every task.

Picking the best automotive paint sprayer for you

Choosing the best automotive paint gun for beginners is undoubtedly not a walk in the park. While there is an impressive collection of remarkably built and designed paint guns for automotive projects ideal for beginners.

Not all of them will be quite the right fit for every beginner looking to enhance their skills in paint spraying.

That calls for more keenness and strict consideration when out shopping for an automotive sprayer.

Remember, you want to have a seamless and effective spray painting experience, hence an ideal automotive paint spray gun might just do the trick.

Fortunately, The ANEST IWATA spray gun without a cup or paint canister in this case has an edge above the rest when it comes to being beginner friendly and effective in its application. In spite of its low cfm of 9, it is the easiest to use and operate, while its design and build are easy to understand.

Its ergonomic design and sleek look complement the comfortable feel it has while being held during operational use.

The fluid tip incorporation completes the gun’s functional versatility that ensures a professional and quality finish even when utilized by a beginner.

Definitely, this will be the right automotive sprayer for any person who wants to undertake a spray painting DIY project.